TO GOD BE THE GLORY! @ FBC Runnelstown, Miss.

July 31, 2013

FBC Runnelstown, Miss.
Chris Layton, Pastor

April 28 through May 2, 2013, we held revival services that included a number of different speakers: Ergun Caner, Emir Caner, Richard Headrick, Phil Hoskins and Ted Traylor.

During this time, we had a number of youth saved. Then in June, we held VBS. Our VBS director, Mrs. Amy Clark, and I saw that most of the VBS curricula we surveyed didn’t provide much in the way of evangelism; so, on the Wednesday night lesson, I, along with other adults, taught the children’s classes. After the class, I asked the younger children (grades 1-3) to speak with their parents about any decision they may want to make. The older kids (grades 4-6) spoke with counselors, who, in turn, spoke with parents.

The following Sunday we had an amazing service and invitation. To-date, we have had 25 baptisms for this year, and there have been other decisions made and reported at other area churches because of the ministries of FBC Runnelstown. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!