Three SBC Leaders remain silent while others speak LOUD!

May 21, 2014

by Tim Guthrie, pastor
Arlington Baptist Church
Knoxville, Tenn.

The problems with Sovereign Grace and the child abuse scandal are not new. Today, the grandson of Billy Graham, Tullian Tchividjian, called out the leaders of the movement along with the para church group, the Gospel Coalition, with which some of the leaders are affiliated.

With the close relationship of CJ Mahaney and others affiliated with Sovereign Grace and the Gospel Coalition, there has been a silence that cannot be explained by SBC leaders also affiliated with the same people. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has only praised Mahaney.  Further, Russell Moore, president of the SBC ERLC, has hired two staff members at the ERLC from the Gospel Coalition. Where has been the outcry from these two? And what about Mark Dever? The Wartburg Watch ran an article highlighting the close relationship of Dever and CJ Mahaney in 2012. The blog, SBC Tomorrow, covered these connections and the scandal in detail, in spite of being falsely accused of exaggeration and falsehood over the past couple of years.

Tchividjian was crystal clear and blunt in his assessment and response to the disgusting and reprehensible situation. Notice the clarity and spot on reaction in the following paragraph from the above mentioned article in reference to Mahaney and whether or not he knew of the cover up:

“Give me a break. These people, they’re family. Of course he knew,” Tchividjian told The Christian Post. “C. J. was, for many years, the micro-managing head of the organization and nothing happened under the umbrella of Sovereign Grace that he wasn’t made aware of, so for anyone to say, ‘Well he didn’t know,’ that’s totally naive.”
During the entire course of this scandal, the Gospel Coalition has remained silent.  With several board members also closely tied to Sovereign Grace, how could silence be the chosen the path? Where is the outrage?

It is also worth noting that in this “blast” Tchividjian further gives readers a clear understanding of The Gospel Coalition, not has big and powerful as it is presented. Note the specificity he uses to paint the true demographics of this group:

“They want to say that they’re very multi-denominational and all, but they’re really not,” said Tchividjian. “It’s Baptist and Presbyterians, but it’s a particular flavor of Baptist and Presbyterians, it’s not even all inclusive of all Baptists and Presbyterians.”

Child abuse cannot be tolerated by anyone – EVER! Godly leaders know they should be the first to speak up and speak loud when such a situation exists. Why are SBC leaders remaining silent?

Thank you, Tchividjian, for being clear.

I pray we will see Mohler, Moore, and Dever do the same. It may be late, but it is the right thing to do!