The Results of Resisting God | Part One

July 13, 2016

by Dr. William F. Harrell

*This post was taken from Dr. Harrell’s website and is used by permission

There is a generation which is rapidly passing into history. It is the generation which remembers the United States of America as a country which exhibited some common sense and morality. Although the country was not perfect, it displayed a high level of morality when it is compared to what taking place today. This writer happens to be a member of that generation. Born in the early forties, a teenager in the late fifties and early sixties, we remember when living in America was basically pristine by comparison to today.

The dramatic change in America has happened very quickly. In the span of about fifty years we have watched with amazement as the country has been caught in a vortex of immorality and excess. We remember when families were stable and productive. Fathers worked for the living, mothers fulfilled the most important job in the world; raising the family and caring for the home. If a friend of ours had a family which experienced a divorce, it was like a death. We felt sorry for our friend and tried to help them by making sure they felt accepted and cared for. The breakup of a marriage was a community tragedy. Everyone felt sorry for the situation. Today, families are all over the place. Divorce is almost expected when people get married. The attitude that prevails in the general society is: “Well, if this one doesn’t work out, I’ll just get a new one.” The sanctity of the home is at an all time low and no society can survive what is happening to us. Sociologists tell us that when thirty percent of a society doesn’t know who their father is, that society will fail. We are just about there now. In the inner city about eighty percent of the children don’t know their father. The situation is just about as bad in suburbia. Sex is now a game with the rules getting more immoral every day. In today’s world everything seems to swirl around sex. One cannot sell chewing gun without sex being exploited. The moral level of America is at an all time low and we should be wise enough to look at Rome and other societies which rotted morally from within.

Yes, the America of today is quickly becoming unrecognizable by those of us who grew up in a very different world only fifty years ago and anyone with a modicum of common sense would have to admit that. If our generation had gone to sleep in high school and woke up in today’s world we wouldn’t know where we were at. We would be more surprised than Rip Van Winkle.

A very pertinent question is: It is against the law or something for elected leaders to protect society? By observing society today it would appear that elected leaders see themselves as someone who will allow just about anything instead of someone who positioned themselves to preserve society with common sense and decency through personal example and through the legislative process. If it’s wild and immoral and if it causes people to scratch their heads and wonder what’s going on, then it seems that our elected leaders in Congress think it is just the thing to do. We need some people in responsible positions who see themselves as ones who will protect and defend the people of this nation from all the moral and social corruption taking place today. What’s wrong with having leaders who will stand in the gap and strive to make sure that society doesn’t degenerate any further. Are they afraid of being called a prude? Do they fear becoming “un-cool”?

At home, during the election process, candidates talk like the most intelligent and level headed people in the world. They are elected because they come across as having a mega-load of common sense. But when they get to Washington or a state capitol, they suddenly lose it all and fall right into line with the forces which are causing the destruction of the morality of America. Again I ask, What is wrong with having elected officials who see themselves as ones who will preserve society instead of being an element which contributes to its destruction by being willing to allow and approve things which lead to our internal moral decay and ultimate destruction? The fact is that if one stands for the right; supports the Constitution and calls others into question by living a good and moral life, then they will be shunted off into the corners of Congress and given committee appointments which are meaningless on the grand scale of things. They are ignored and castigated when and if they have a chance to state their views.

I would suggest that one would take a little stroll through the headlines on one of the most popular online news agencies, they would find out just how convoluted and messed up our country and the world really is. Here’s just a sample: “Cash for kidneys”…”Pro-life views are revolting”…”Video game is murder simulation like no other”….”fourteen year old girl stabs half sister 40 times”…”Judge: Craigslist sperm donor to lesbian couple owes child support”, “Gastronomic voyuerism…eating food on a webcam while others watch on the internet.” One person earns $9,000 a month doing this. And then there are those “studies” which cost millions in taxpayer monies. “Studies” such as: “The Human body is not capable of life in outer space.” Now THAT’S enlightening! Another study: “Texting while walking throws off balance and posture.” Study: “People slow to react are more likely to die prematurely.” Study: “Liberals drink more alcohol than conservatives.” Wow! What astounding revelations! Enough for now. The point is made.

Part Two Coming Soon!

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Dennis Lee Dabney

Dr. Harrell,

Amen Brother and you gotta witness!

We have come the “long” way because as a nation we went the “wrong” way 50 years ago as you have so eloquently stated.

Like any natural journey the further one travels in the wrong direction, the long-headed syndrome takes over. At some point those at the wheel are determined to make the “wrong” direction the right “way”. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we go around in circles, just so we don’t end up being a “square”. Who cares if we run out of road, just so we don’t run out of beer! The motto now is “Life a party”, “Life a beach”! Hades and Hell for sure!

Marriage is despised only when parties can marry whoever or whatever even a vacant building if it is available for the ceremony on the so-called wedding day (abomination). This abomination warrant the Lord making a special trip down here to survey the situation as He did in the days of Sodom before He overthrew that Wicked city. Biblical marriage is now an arrangement until another agreement can made and the sooner the Better. Divorce is celebrated, of course the more the merrier, the children mere casualties of war, suffering life long injuries from friendly fire.

Out with the old fogies and their silly reminders of the Way It Used To Be and The Good Ole Days.

We are at the juncture where we are running out of road, real estate and time.The Lord’s Spirit will not always strive with America.


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