The Homosexual Issue and How We Move Forward

May 3, 2014

by Tim Guthrie
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In a recent meeting of evangelical thinkers, it was noted that there appears to be a softening of the position that Christians hold against homosexual unions. A fair post of that meeting can be found here. Troubling to me is the misrepresentation of what some say the rest of us think and speak ourselves. Reading the comments and quotes from the leaders gives a clear indication that some are beginning to raise the white flag and compromise on this issue.

Clear to anyone today is the fact that our Federal Government has pushed the issue front and center. Gone are the days where the issue of homosexuality lay at the feet of right and wrong. Now the parade is one of “rights” and equal treatment. Healthcare and the legalities of inheritance tied to monetary issues have become the avenue for fast forwarding this issue. The complexities of these legalities is now the cry for a path to civil unions and or legal marriage.

The new leader of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has joined the growing crowd in changing the tone – or better put surrendering the ground! Notice from the linked article the following quote Dr. Russell Moore made concerning this issue:

“The session’s featured speaker, Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, continues to view homosexual behavior as sinful. But he conceded that even among evangelicals who still hold to this doctrine, there has been a change in terms of tone and the way that we … speak about the issue, largely because there was the sort of evangelical belligerence, often, in the last generation, that spoke, for instance, about the ‘gay agenda,’ in which there was this picture, almost as though there is a group of super-villains in a lair, plotting somewhere the downfall of the family. That—I almost never hear that in evangelical churches anymore. Instead, issues of sexual morality are being addressed consistently across the board, recognizing that everyone in the congregation has gay and lesbian children or parents or neighbors or friends and that many of the people in our own congregations are same-sex attracted. That’s changed quite a bit, as well as the understanding of—I almost never hear in evangelical churches anymore the sort of easy-conversionism, ‘reparative therapy’ understanding of gay-to-straight, that sort of caricature. It’s always more complex than that.”

I am not sure what preachers or churches that Dr. Moore is listening to but for him to imply on behalf of the Southern Baptist Convention affiliated churches that we are changing in how we deal with this issue is frightening. I am not hearing anything like this. And Dr. Moore is NOT speaking on behalf of me or my people.

There is no doubt that the current climate in this country is forcing the dealing with the issue instead of just knowing where we stand. But dealing with homosexuality does not require surrendering ground on that which the Bible clearly calls sin. And the “agenda” is clearly being pushed and we Christians know this. The challenges are not complex. In fact, following the Bible is NEVER complex. We either obey or we don’t. Obeying God brings protection and blessing. When we chose to disobey, we suffer the chastisement and a loss of protection.

Moving forward from today, and staying true to God’s Word, will require:

1. The act of homosexuality is still SIN! We cannot compromise here! We must work to show those caught up in sin the path out of it – Jesus and His saving redemption.

2. We must make sure we love the sinner! One caught in the trap of homosexuality is no different than the adulterer, drunkard, thief or murderer. Only Jesus can clean up the mess of sin! We must do all we can to show the love of God and His plan.

3. Our love is NEVER an excuse for compromise. Sometimes love hurts. We cannot lower our standards to love sinners trapped. But love we must! And this one may seem difficult at first. But it is possible.

4. We must do everything within our power to hold high God’s chosen plan for the family – one man and one women! Remember, homosexuality is a choice. There is NO gay gene! Our leaders need to heed that word!

5. We must worry less about tone and focus more on true Christian discipleship. When we Christians start living as we should, the power of God will lead us out of the apparent mess and into the power of His redemption!

And it is time for our churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention to raise a strong voice against the new tone of compromise. And if ears do not listen, we then are left with only one choice – cut off the funds! A faithful steward will never be faithful if support for such compromise is not addressed.