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June 9, 2016

Jonathan Carter | Editor
SBC Today

Meet me in St. Louis!  Okay, not me, but us–all of us here at SBC Today!  We are excited to announce the plans for the 2016 SBC Banquet! Enjoy a delicious dinner, hear gifted speakers share inspiring messages and receive a variety of complimentary ministry resources (Free books!).  You can find more information and register HERE!

Here are the details!

America’s Center, Rooms 220-221      Tuesday, June 14, 2016     5 PM

The gospel is for ALL Christians to share. No coalition can claim a greater gospel focus than Southern Baptists. The gospel is also for ALL people to hear. Everyone we meet can hear us say, “Jesus died for you,” and trust in Christ for salvation.

Join us in St. Louis for a delicious three-course dinner. You will enjoy the food and fellowship, receive complimentary resources, and hear outstanding Bible scholars discuss our depth in declaring the gospel, our clarity in defining the gospel, and our vision in presenting the gospel to all people everywhere.

God loves every person. Christ died for every person. God wants to save every person.

c4g Braxton

Connected for the Gospel — Braxton Hunter

Ever since 1845, Southern Baptists have been “connected for the gospel.” Today, it makes more sense than ever  for us to provide people hungry for truth with our theologically rigorous salvation doctrine.

tgd Blake

 The Gospel Definition — Blake Newsom

Lately “gospel” has become our standard adjective for all Christian things. But does it strengthen or weaken the gospel to invest it with so many meanings? How should we apply the term? What is the gospel?

TGO allen

The Gospel Object — David Allen

Exactly how far does the Good News extend? Did Jesus substitute for the sins of all people or only some people? Does God possess a loving desire to save everyone or only some? Can we tell everyone Jesus died for them?

We look forward to meeting you!  Won’t you join us?