The BioLogos-Southern Baptist Theologian Dialogue:
The Evolution Debate

May 27, 2012

The “Southern Baptist Voices: Teleological Arguments, Theistic Evolution, and Intelligent Design” debate regarding creation and evolution between Southern Baptist scholars and Christian scientific scholars from BioLogos continues. The Southern Baptist scholars favor creationism, progressive creationism, or intelligent design; while the BioLogos scholars favor theistic evolution. Baptist Press has published two recent articles have been posted about this debate (article 1, focused on Dr. Keathley’s articles’ and article 2, focused on Dr. Dembski’s articles)

The format for the debate is that the Southern Baptist professors wrote articles and submitted them to BioLogos in January. The BioLogos scholars are now responding article by article. So far, Dr. Ken Keathley of Southeastern Seminary has posted two articles on “Expressing Our Concerns: Part 1, and Part 2), with two response articles from BioLogos scholars (Reply 1 and Reply 2), and two articles by Dr. William Dembski of Southwestern Seminary on “Is Darwinism Theologically Neutral?” (Part 1 and Part 2), with three responses by BioLogos scholars (Response 1, Response 2, Response 3). You are invited to participate in the discussion in the comments after these articles.

Other Southern Baptist scholars who have contributed articles for the series are Dr. John D. Laing of Southwestern Seminary; Dr. Bruce Little, Dr. John Hammet, and Dr. James K. Dew from Southeastern Seminary, and Dr. Steve Lemke from New Orleans Seminary. To find the continuing series, go to and click “The Forum” tab. From the Forum home page, click the “By Series” choice on the menu on the right, and choose “Southern Baptist Voices.”

Two previous SBC Today articles have more information on this debate – article 1 and article 2.