Harvard Ph.D/TMC professor to lecture @NOBTS

February 19, 2014

Event Announcement

The Faith Fabric of Creation and the Priority of the Word: A Case for Young Age Creationism

Presented by Dr. Kurt Wise, Professor of Natural History and Director of the Creation Research Center at Truett-McConnell College. Dr. Wise holds a Ph.D. in Paleontology from Harvard University, having trained under Dr. Stephen Jay Gould.

Co-Sponsored by the NOBTS Theological and Historical Division and the Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry.

Friday, February 21, 2014
3:00-4:00 pm
Room 219, Hardin Student Center, NOBTS

NOBTS to offer free, post-event, downloadable audio.

Dr. Eric Hankins’ sermon on Election at NOBTS

September 28, 2013

by Dr. Eric Hankins, pastor
FBC, Oxford, Miss.

Dr. Eric Hankins, pastor of FBC Oxford, Miss., preached on “Election” at NOBTS, Sept. 26. Preaching from Gen. 12.1-4, and using William Whiting Borden in an extended illustration, Dr. Hankins preached a sermon for the ages, bringing what SBCToday believes was a biblical message on Election that is hopeful, not dour; inclusive, not exclusive; and points to all, not the few.

Knowing Dr. Hankins, and having recently communicated with him, SBCToday is certain that he would not only consider it an honor for you to listen to the sermon, but would be humbled for you to preach the sermon as the people in the pew need to know all about this doctrine of grace.

Here are some significant quotes:

Genesis 12.1-4 “is the script for the whole Bible, and is the script that we should use to understand what it means to be elect of God and chosen of God.”

“I think the great mistake of theology is that we have created the categories, and have created distinction between the categories of the chosen and un-chosen, as though God picks some and not others, and this is fixed, and that is the way things really are.”

“Election is God’s unstoppable plan to save, not his unstoppable plan to damn.”

“All means all, and that’s all all means.”

“The chosen are chosen for the sake of the un-chosen.”

“The trajectory of election is not inward … it’s outward.”

Click HERE to watch a video of the sermon.
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