Tabloid Blogging

February 4, 2009

Because of the recent tabloid blogging that has occurred at this site here and here, we at SBC Today have been busy answering questions on when we would respond to what one Calvinistic professor called,  “lies and slander” of the aforementioned postings.  At first, we were not going to respond.  After all, what logical and rational thinking person would think that Dr. Patterson was out to get rid of the Calvinists at SWBTS knowing that he brought on Calvinists to the faculty while he was president of both Southeastern and Southwestern and that a 5 point Calvinist from SWBTS called these accusations “lies and slander.”  But alas, it seems that logic is being thrown out the window concerning these posts.

Therefore, we will provide something of more substance on this subject before Friday, but until then may we direct you to Bart Barber’s thoughts regarding this matter.