Solace — from one minister’s wife to others

March 7, 2014

by Hariette Petersen
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Living for Jesus in a broken world can be exhausting, but it’s worth it.

The battles are temporary. The personal struggles we have while trying to ignore those battles –the irritations, the rebuke, the ridicule and hatefulness — these will fade away. The minor slights, the major rejections — they’re nothing compared to the glory we’ll see someday. 

Someday we’ll stand before the King of Kings, who suffered and died in our place.  He took all the sin of the entire world upon Himself to make a way for us to spend eternity free from all the trials, tragedies and travesties.

Someday, we’ll see Him face-to-face and experience His limitless love, comfort and peace for all eternity.  I cannot fathom the permanence of that glory.

It will not fade away, or rust, or be taken from us.  It won’t be a few minutes respite after going through some difficult trial on earth.  We’ll receive boundless joy to replace the heartaches we’ve endured on this earth — the grief, the separation of loved ones.

For all the times we’ve thirsted for a refreshing touch of our Savior’s Spirit, we’ll receive sustaining perpetual refreshment in His continual presence.

All the physical pain we now battle will be gone. Ailments and ravaging disease will be no more. Comfort.  The uncaring people will be replaced with the all-caring God. Eternal Comfort.

For all the questions we long to have answered, our minds will be filled with His perfect knowledge– we will understand as He.  Our minds will be perfected in His and we’ll no longer worry, fret, or agonize.

For all the injustice we’ve witnessed and all the unconscionable harm we’ve seen exacted upon innocents, there shall be justice.  For every lie, there shall be truth. All hidden things will be revealed.  All tears will be wiped away.

It’s not easy to live for Jesus in such a broken world. The battles are many, the victories seem few.  Take courage, my friends, take courage because “mourning lasts a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

“O GIVE thanks unto the LORD; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever” Psalm 136.1.


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