SBC Presidential Interviews | David Crosby

May 24, 2016

Will Hall | Editor
Baptist Message, Louisiana

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David Crosby, pastor of the First Baptist Church in New Orleans, shared with the Louisiana Baptist Message some of his thoughts about what his possible election as president of the Southern Baptist Convention might mean for the denomination, emphasizing that “the work we do together is about the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.”

Speaking by phone, Crosby said on that point “We’ve got to do both proclamation and incarnation.  I think the Gospel requires behavior as well as words.” He added he would work with our national entities to underscore compassion ministries as a way to unleash churches to reach the lost.

Crosby also expressed “alarm” about the multi-year trend of designated giving — the focus on independent work instead of cooperative ministries — outpacing gifts through the Cooperative Program.

Likewise, he expressed grave concern about the “almost accidental” downsizing of the International Mission Board, asking “Why didn’t we have a conversation about this?” instead of “just being blindsided by it.”

Finally, on the impact of Calvinism on the Convention, Crosby said Southern Baptists always before have been able to live together “with some tensions but in relative peace for years and decades,” but now there is too much passion in “defending our particular point of view, instead of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and God’s love for lost people.”

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Scott Shaver

Crosby points out the “passion” with which Southern Baptists are resisting Calvinism. This is an equal and opposite reaction to the shenanigans and culture fostered by the CR leadership. Was bound to happen and will run its course, good, bad, or ugly

Brace yourselves.



    IMO, Satan could not have come up with a better plan to destroy the SBC than the CR and now the Calvinist vs Non-Calvinist battle royal.


      Yeah, the SBC is dying a painful, ugly death…..and the mess at Baylor just adds to the ugliness.

        Scott Shaver

        Doubt it looks ugly at this point, KD, to any rats still sitting/gourging on the grain supply of a sinking ship.


I for one want to know how it happened that over 1000 of our missionaries were brought home. I’m sure those that give sacrificially really want an answer.

    Scott Shaver

    Doubt you’ll ever get a straight answer from those leading “SBC” to that question Tom.

    However, if any lay-persons are attending the SBC as messengers they would be far better served by the mentality of David Crosby.

    That’s right, I don’t know if lay folk attend these things anymore. They’re really not well-attended enough to justify renting anything much larger than an Elks Lodge huh?


When I read the comments written by some of the people, in here, what I see are a bunch of bitter people, who are looking for an opportunity to get back at those mean, old conservatives. I see a lot of anger and hatred. I don’t see much love and compassion. I don’t see the humble spirit of the Lord Jesus. I don’t see the glory of God being proclaimed. It’s just doom, gloom, anger, and meanness.

Smh. It’s just sad to see the comments taken over by a bunch of people, who have these attitudes. It’s hard to have real discussions with people like this. It’s sad.

    Scott Shaver

    Additionally David:

    As to “comments taken over”….looks like you’ve managed to get in your fair share of the “hijacking”.

    Scott Shaver

    Are opinions not foundational to any “discussion”.

    If not…why bother?

    Scott Shaver

    David writes….”I don’t see the glory of God being proclaimed.”

    Possibly because the immediate subject at hand is not “God” but rather his detractors.


      Exactly…..the new leadership doesn’t want to hear anything bad, they just want to hear ” how wonderful they are…”

      They only use ” God ” when it suits their personal goals.

    Andrew Barker

    David: I don’t think comments like “I’m beginning to wonder about all of you. Have you truly surrendered your heart to Jesus as your Lord and Savior? ” are really that helpful. That was from the previous interview and now you’re continuing in the same vein. Please don’t take this the wrong way but just as an illustration … Jesus said some pretty harsh things about the Pharisees didn’t he? Sometimes it’s appropriate to call a spade a spade. If people get a little ‘too’ honest, there’s normally a qualifying moderating statement, at least that’s my experience of this site. Not being SBC I’m just watching from the sidelines on these topics so I hope you don’t mind my comments/observations! :-)

Scott Shaver



A more comfortable environment like Pravda would probably turn your gloom to sheer joy. What I see over their are a bunch of large ostrich-like human being with their proverbial heads stuck in the sand. Doing same thing over and over expecting different results.

If you would try discussing from the standpoints of logic and accurate history rather than emotion you might have better success in here.

Rick Patrick

I truly understand where David is coming from here. Sometimes, it seems like no matter the topic of discussion, we get in a time machine and are carried back to the eighties again, like the nostalgic and pathetic has-been Uncle Rico longing for his football playing days in the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.”

News flash—the Conservative Resurgence is over. It is time to move on. We desire to moderate with a light hand, but that is nearly impossible if nearly every thread is going to be hijacked to relive controversies from three decades ago.

The name of our blog site is SBC *TODAY* and not SBC *YESTERDAY.* Please, please, please, let’s talk about 2016 and not 1985—except for the occasional passing reference. Let’s stay on topic, interact with the original post, and discuss the SBC today.


    Rick: Patrick:

    I do not understand where David is coming from. The CR mindset is all over the SBC. For me the CR will never be over! Probably best just to ban me from this site. Would not hurt my feelings in the least.


    Rick Patrick,
    I agree with Tom, if you want to ban me, then do so. The SBC is dying and it is you who can’t turn back the clock. It is no longer 1945, nor 1885 or 1845. You have to move forward.

      Scott Shaver

      Bet Jesus would deal differently …even with those “stuck in a time machine”. This is indeed 2016…u have bigger problems than 1985. That was the beginning of either vibrancy or death….Let third parties make the call.

        Scott Shaver

        The SBC Today is a byproduct of the SBC yesterday it would appear. The subject of the thread is SBC leadership.

        It’s logical that those “stuck in time” might venture their thoughts on a sore subject..obviously for both sides

Jeffery Stading

I am a young pastor. I accepted Christ after the CR was in full swing and therefore am most likely a product of the CR. Although I can only look back to the battles waged in the eighties as history, I believe the CR was necessary. However, I also believe that out of the CR has come unintended results.
“Reformed” pastors and professors have gained a strong hold convention leadership. There is room in the tent, as they say, for reformed minded pastors. We must remember however that there are trends or tendencies that come with Reform Theology. Many of these tendencies are embraced by an overwhelming majority of the SBC including, notably, Biblical inerrancy. Other tendencies that are opposed by many in SBC include Calvinistic soteriology, hierarchical leadership, and casual attitude towards alcohol.I am not pointing out every position good or bad.
I agree with David that the CR was needed but also recognize that we are in trouble today and maybe deeper trouble than before.

I absolutely understand the frustration felt by many older pastors and lay people. Pre-CR it seems that conventions were packed out and real business took place on the floor. It is difficult for messengers to hold leadership accountable when every motion brought to the convention floor is referred to the very committees and boards that are be called into question. The last SBC I attended the motion concern Lifeway was made then referred, than and motion concerning NAMB was made then referred. A parliamentarian attempted to make a series a motions and was treated dismissively by the podium.

The point of a convention meeting is to conduct business not to be a pep rally. When it seems to many messengers that every issue of substanc was pre-decided by others they lose interest and the meetings shrink year after year. Can Greer, Gaines, or Crosby steer us away from the hierarchical leadership model or will they just keep the status quo.

I’m not sure I have moved the conversation forward but I hope that we can, as brothers, appreciate what we have and provide reasonable analysis as to what is right and wrong in our denomination.

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