Salvation Doctrine Quiz

September 8, 2015

by Rick Patrick

Some time back, I was asked to take a crack at an assessment tool that might help those of us engaging in discussions about salvation doctrine to identify our views and the views of others simply and accurately. The need for such a tool in this debate becomes clearer with every conversation. People on all sides are constantly claiming, “You don’t understand what I believe.”

I have heard an Arminian claim that Traditionalists are simply Arminians who do not know it yet. I have heard a Calvinist claim that all Baptists are Calvinists to some degree. I have heard other Calvinists claim that Traditionalists are all a bunch of Semipelagians. It is enough to make your head spin—like when your college football team ranks dead last among FBS schools in total offense after one week. But I digress.

This quiz is not designed to tease out all of the various permutations of doctrine. There are indeed hybrid views and caveats and positions that will fall between these cracks. Rather, it is intended to provide a basic categorical framework from which more meaningful and respectful dialogue can hopefully spring.

Click HERE to take the quiz!