Comment Guidelines

As a ministry of Connect 316, SBC Today exists to facilitate open discussion among Southern Baptists about topics concerning the Southern Baptist Convention. We offer the following guidelines for those who wish to comment on our blog.

1. Obey the Golden Rule.

2. We use our names along with accurate email addresses. Please use yours.
Unless we know you personally, please do not use pseudonyms, initials or partial names as such may imply that you have reasons for preferring anonymity. If you have such a need, please email us to discuss the matter. Please also provide an accurate email address.

3. Stay on topic.
Ranging widely from the main blog post or subsequent commentary is not recommended. Intentionally distracting comments will be moderated.

4. Don’t Make It Personal.
Personal attacks will not be tolerated. This especially includes attacks against the SBC Today blog itself, along with the editors and moderators. Rather than saying, “The people on the blog are just a bunch of blankety-blank,” try simply writing about the one post under which you are commenting. You might start with, “I respectfully disagree with the author’s position that….” When comments get personal, immediate revocation of posting privileges will occur. Because lighthearted ribbing is easily misinterpreted, please minimize its use.

5. Links
Links are accepted, but not recommended. Please refrain from posting multiple links.  SBC Today does not endorse any links that are found within the comment sections.

6. Just the Facts
Demonstrate a knowledge of the difference between opinion and fact. It is not recommended to state opinion as fact. SBC Today staff hopes you continue to participate in the discussions and do so in a way that reflects our Savior’s love and also magnifies Him.

7. Comment Length
Comments should not be longer than the original post! Please limit the length of your comment to less than 500 words. This does not mean that you can then post consecutive 500 word comments in a string. Please do not post an inappropriate amount of consecutive comments. If you are found to be doing this you will be banned.

8. Banishment
If you are found to be breaking the rules you will be banned from posting for an amount of timed deemed appropriate by the Editor.  If you break the rules a second time you will be banned. If you are found to be a habitual offender you will be blocked from the site.

9. Enforcement
Interpretation of all rules, regulations, and punishment is under the discretion of the Moderator of SBC Today.