Comment Guidelines

SBCToday Commenting Guidelines

Independently owned and operated, SBCToday exists to facilitate open discussion among Southern Baptists about topics concerning the Southern Baptist Convention. SBCT’s editors and moderators offer the following guidelines for those who wish to have posting privileges on the blog.

First time commenters:

Until first-time commenters reply to an email that verifies they have read, understood, and will abide by the guidelines below, their comments will be moderated. When emailing, please indicate your denominational affiliation.

Any and all who have previously commented at this site will not receive such an email, but all will be expected to abide by these guidelines.

1. Obey the Golden Rule.

2. We use our names along with accurate email addresses. Please use yours.

Pseudonyms, initials and partial names may imply that some commenters have reasons for preferring anonymity. If you have such a need, please email us to discuss the matter. Please also provide an accurate email address.

3. Stay on topic.

Ranging widely from the main blog post or subsequent commentary is not recommended. Intentionally distractive comments will be moderated.

4. Don’t Take/Make It Personal.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Immediate revocation of posting privileges will occur. Because lighthearted ribbing is too easily misinterpreted, please minimize such commentary.

5. Links

Links are accepted, but not recommend. The reason is that all comments containing a link — even from previously approved commenters –  will be moderated until the validity and relevance of the link can be examined for its propriety. This could take a considerable amount of time and keep the comment in extended moderation. So, if commenters prefer immediacy, then links should be avoided. Also, no more than one link per post/per day will be allowed.

6. Just the Facts

Demonstrate a knowledge of the difference between opinion and fact. It is not recommended to state opinion as fact.

SBCT staff hopes you continue to participate in the discussions and do so in a way that reflects our Savior’s love and also magnifies Him.