Revisiting Tongues and the Conference on the Holy Spirit

It has been said that the blog world of SBCers has become boring. For me, it is just the opposite as I have found myself more engaged with other sites that are defending theological and moral points rather than attacking personalities. Yet, one of the items of times past that set off a firestorm was the guideline of the International Missions Board to restrict those who practiced praying in tongues. As the controversy hit an apex, a Conference on the Holy Spirit was held at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington Texas. The 28th of this month will mark the two-year anniversary of that conference. Dr. Bart Barber and I were asked to participate in that conference which included many continualists. In fact you may say we were the lone non-continualists of the bunch. ?

I have many fond memories of that conference, especially the graciousness of the people at Cornerstone Baptist Church. It was also a joy to work closely with Bart and deepen our friendship. I also remember sitting on the front row when a women next to me started to speak out ecstatically at a high volume and seeing Ben Cole and Art Rogers up on the platform smiling and kind of laughing. Frankly, they helped me see the humor in the whole incident. I also remember reading my paper and going over my time limit. Thinking back on it now, I should have just presented 1 Cor. 14 expositionally. In fact I was weighing on whether I would read the paper or just preach that chapter. I should have just preached. Anyways, the overwhelming memories of that conference were the graciousness of Cornerstone and the opportunity to collaborate with a top-notch pastor/theologian like Bart.

Since that time, the fury over the guideline has subsided (at least in blog world). Other areas of interest have come and gone, but the guideline still remains. Many who were involved in SBC politics at that time have either turned their attention elsewhere or have walked away from the SBC blogging scene altogether. As things play out over the next ten years, it will be interesting to see what impact, if any, the movement against the IMB guideline on praying in tongues will have.

I am reposting the paper I presented at the conference. You can click these links: Title Page, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Bibliography.