Praying for Miley Cyrus. Will you?

August 28, 2013

Much has been made of Miley’s twerking on the MTV VMAs. Like belly buttons, we all also have opinions, and we have expressed them. Then I read a comment at one of our posts yesterday, and it hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks. Initially, I responded on that page. But that didn’t seem like enough. I sensed the conviction to do more. So, I tweeted and made a hashtag, #Pray4Miley. And that didn’t seem like enough. So, here I am again, making a new post at the blog in hopes of starting a prayer concert to move the hand of God. Here is the comment I made at the post ‘Will the real Church Ladies Please Stand Up…?’

A prophetic voice and perspective — those are good things. They are godly things. But so is persistent prayer.
Max’s words remind me that I should have as much or more fervor for praying for Miley as I have invested in my disgust for her actions. For all who have just read my words, I challenge you to stop and breathe a prayer for Miley and her family. What if we were to read in a month that Miley left her current ways and returned to Christ? What if we prayed that God would call his child back to His side (I say child b/c of the WikiP report that she attended/was baptized in an SBC church — taking for granted her conversion).

Dear Heavenly Father:
Help me not to be so judgmental that your compassion that lives in me is overshadowed — is stunted — is snuffed. We are hurt by any believers who so profane their witness. Help me to balance rightful disgust with righteous dialog in prayer. I ask in Jesus’ name that you would intervene in Miley’s life. I pray that you would love her back to your will and ways. What a powerful witness she could be, Lord, to the millions who appreciated Hannah Montana, and to those who revel in her activities of late. Help my heart, Lord, and help Miley’s, too. I ask in the strong and saving name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Will you pray for Miley?

If you will pray for Miley, let us know of your commitment to do so. Also, post a link to this on your FB page. TWEET that you, too, are praying for Miley, and include the hashtag, #Pray4Miley.

Feel free to write your prayer here in a comment. Who knows? Miley may even read it.