Praying for Caycen

caycenAbout three years ago I heard that Caycen had a lump in his abdomen. It turned out that it was cancer. From that time our church began praying for him and his family. The first round of Chemo seemed to have worked, but six months later the cancer returned. This young child, who is now six, has not improved. These past three years have been a struggle of ups, downs, and delays. The family and Caycen desperately need your prayers.

Caycen has Neuroblastoma Cancer of the nervous system. He has relapsed and just found out that he has 2 NEW spots and it is in his bone marrow!

My requests:

1. If you are on facebook, go to this link: Praying for Caycen and join that group. Leave a message to his parents letting them know that Caycen is in your prayers. I would love to see if we can get 500 members on this site by the end of tomorrow praying for him.

2. If you don’t have facebook, you can link here at Caring Bridge and sign on as a guest.

I thank the readers of SBC Today for their prayers. While Caycen and his family desperately need them, may I humble myself to you all and covet your prayers as I minister to them.

His Truth Abideth Still

Bro. Robin