Praying at Planned Parenthood

January 24, 2014

by Bill Tummons, pastor
Dover Shores Baptist Church
Orlando, Fla.

I participated in an hour of prayer outside the Planned Parenthood office here in Orlando today. I have trained as a sidewalk counselor for Pro Life Action Ministries, and as a post-abortion counselor for men with the Cornerstone Crises Pregnancy Center.

I have witnessed more times than I can count the brashness of young women walking into the abortion mills. They are usually laughing and joking, pointing fingers at us on the sidewalk as they walk into something they are not prepared for.

Too many times, I have seen the devastation that walks out. They are forever changed. What is most evident in the faces of these women as they scurry to the car is horror and shame.

How I want to run and put my arms around such women and say, “Yes, you have done a terrible thing, but forgiveness is here. Jesus still loves you, and he will forgive you.”

I got into this because I found this to be biggest fight I could pick with Satan: abortion. I stay in the fight because of the devastated lives this evil leaves in its wake. The 56 million lives thrown away in our country pales in comparison to the 1.6 billion worldwide.

We must proclaim a cultural mandate to love these frightened and desperate women.

This war will be won one life at a time. Pastors, allow me to challenge you to spend a bit less time in the study. Go find a local, pro-life ministry to assist. You and your ministry will never be the same as others follow you into the fray. You can make a difference.


Ed.’s Note: Pastor Tummons represents another way church leaders can be salt and light beyond the pulpit by publicly engaging the social, cultural and moral ills that plague lost people and our country. SBCToday commends Pastor Tummons and encourages you to emulate his example. Do that by clicking HERE.

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Norm Miller

Thank you, Bill, for exemplifying salt and light in a savorless, dark world. — Norm

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