Is Extending An Invitation Really Relevant For Today?

January 3, 2017

By Dr. Denny Autry, Dean
 J. Dalton Havard School for Theological Studies and Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Theological Matters and is used by permission.

The contemporary pulpit of the 21st century has become silent. Not in regard to story-telling, pithy sayings, anecdotes and illustrative pictures of everyday life, but with regard to any concrete explanation of the text of Scripture. In some cases, the use of Scripture in the preaching event has become non-existent. Thus, is there really a need for extending an invitation at the conclusion of the contemporary sermon? Continue reading

Strong and Courageous Men

January 2, 2017

By Walker Moore

My son Caleb messaged me a picture last night of my grandson Titus, the Honorable. He had climbed into his little brother’s baby bed and, holding onto the crib rail, walked his feet up the wall. (Look at the picture to see what I mean.) He is only three years old, but inside him lives a tremendous warrior with an adventurous spirit. Continue reading

Good-Bye 2016. Hello 2017!

December 27, 2016

By: Kyle B. Gulledge, Editor

My goodness, the last couple of weeks around here have been unbelievable.  This year is not going away quietly, but rather exiting with a roar!  There has been a hectic pace with several links and requests to share and link to one of our articles “Is It Time to Call It A Day?” from many major news and mainstream media outlets.  I certainly would not have dreamed anything like this would have happened when I took over as editor back in September. Continue reading

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