SBC’s Call to Prayer Month

January 4, 2018

By Dr. Tommy Kiker
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Theological Matters and is used by permission.

The people of God need to pray, we ought to pray, we MUST pray. Great movements of God are normally preceded by great movements of prayer by God’s people. We see this pattern throughout Scripture and throughout the history of the church. God does not need us to pray in order to move. But in His sovereignty, He has chosen to work in power, time and time again, in response to the concerted cries of His people. Since 2012, the Southern Baptist Convention has declared January of each year a month-long Call to Prayer. Such a declaration is honorable and right, but is not of much impact unless we actually heed the call. Continue reading

SBC Today Reader Feedback

January 2, 2018

Dr. Rick Patrick, Pastor
FBC Sylacauga, Alabama
SBC Today Publisher

SBC Today is in our twelfth year, including four years under the leadership of Connect 316. As our Publisher, I am profoundly grateful for the superb work of our Editor, Dr. Kyle Gulledge. He is a strong conservative and a faithful Southern Baptist who provides excellent editorial leadership for our news and opinion blog. A study of our most recent fifty articles reveals the breadth of content we seek to provide here at SBC Today

Devotional (26%)
These stories are designed to bless you and challenge you in your walk with the Lord. Our most prolific devotional writer is Walker Moore of Awe Star Ministries. Others include a team of writers we republish from blogs like Theological Matters hosted by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ministry (26%)
These articles relate to the practical matters of Christian ministry, providing suggestions for greater effectiveness. Writers of this genre include Bill Harrell and Kara Barnette, among others.   

Theology (26%)
These essays concentrate on various issues related to biblical, historical and systematic theology. Admittedly, we concentrate heavily upon soteriological concerns, primarily because it is the issue du jour in SBC life.  Writers specializing in this topic include Leighton Flowers and Ronnie Rogers.

Denomination (12%)
Coverage of denominational controversy is difficult to come by in Baptist Press or state Baptist newspapers. We allow writers and commenters to express their concerns rather freely. As our disclaimer indicates, we do not endorse every article or comment, but we do feel that a free press and an open exchange of ideas reveals truth and exposes Southern Baptists to a broader range of opinions than the religious press allows. Writers in this genre include yours truly and Thomas Littleton. 

Ethics (6%)
Whether the topic is alcohol abuse, transgender issues, or other ethical considerations Christians face today, we seek to explore these matters from the worldview of a biblical conservative. Writers include David Brumbelow and Braxton Hunter. 

Biography (4%)
We can learn a great deal by looking at historical figures and even reading memorial tributes of those who have served the SBC and the cause of Christ with great distinction. Writers in this genre include Ron Hale and Tim Guthrie.

We solicit feedback because we sincerely want to offer you the kind of stories you wish to read—stories to inform, inspire, and challenge fellow Southern Baptists. Please review our research here and let us know how we may better serve you in the days ahead.

How to Start 2018 in the Right Way Spiritually

January 1, 2018

By Dr. Ronnie Floyd
Sr. Pastor Cross Church Northwest, AR
President, National Day of Prayer
Immediate Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention

If you do not plan to succeed in your spiritual life in 2018, you will fail. I want to challenge you to start 2018 in the right way spiritually. If you start strong, you are setting yourself up to finish strong.

There are many things you can plan to do to achieve this spiritual need and goal, but I want to suggest one that has really helped us at Cross Church. Continue reading