Our Point of View

June 2, 2015

Allen Michael Rea | Pastor
Dunn Memorial Baptist Church, Baxley, GA

I am naturally a pessimistic person. I tend to see the glass as half empty. Some people are optimists, and they see the glass as half full. Others are cynical and accuse someone of spitting in the water and so could not care less if it is full or empty. These, and many others we could mention, are points of view. In our culture we like to debate and force others to see it from “our point of view.” The Bible is not open to our point of view. Either your point of view is in line with the Bible, or your point of view is wrong. The Bible is NEVER wrong. The Bible, our FINAL authority in all matters of faith and practice, is not subservient to our menial point of view. We tend to make this mistake specifically with issues in prophecy.

You may not like prophecy, but that is something in which you need to build a bridge and get over. One third of the Bible is prophecy. Americans tend to give up on anything that is something that they can not master after a try or two. Friend, you do not master the Bible; the Bible masters you. The Bible matters and prophecy is in the Bible; therefore, prophecy matters. Allow me to give an example.

I am thrilled when I see people saved. I am thrilled when I see churches grow the biblical way, but that method is few and far between. By biblical way, I mean the methods for church growth outlined in passages like Acts 9:31. However, no matter how much we see with our eyes that might encourage us about the church, the fact of prophecy will not change. Dr. Scofield writes: “The prophesied future of the visible church is apostasy.” The Bible speaks in 1 Timothy 4 and 2 Timothy 3 specifically about this issue. The visible church, and all of its programs and ploys, will continue to decline as the end draws near. I am not suggesting we roll over and play dead, but that we bow in submission to God’s Word.

I am of the biblical conviction that the Lord will rapture His church out of the world BEFORE the Tribulation. It is not until the Tribulation time that the Gospel will reach the ends of the earth (Matthew 24:14). I have served as a missionary and will continue to give and lead the church I pastor in the financial giving to missionaries; however, our good intentions will not overturn God’s prophecies. There might be some false prophet in Texas preaching to a full gymnasium, but that is not the success of the true Gospel because he is not preaching the Gospel. Friend, this is not our father’s country. It is not our grandfather’s country, but it is still our Father’s world. The church must follow its mandate until the Master returns. He gave us plenty of warning signs to warn us of the nearness of the end. All of those warning signs are in place. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ could return for His church at any moment. No one single prophecy stands between the Church and the Trumpet. Our point of view does not amount to much. What matters now and always is “THE BIBLE SAYS!”


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mark sorenson

Romans 11 prescribes that the elect Gentiles come in during the partial hardening of the Jews. I don’t see that happening with a billion or so ‘unengaged’. Not unreached – unengaged.


“The prophesied future of the visible church is apostasy.”

Regardless of the various views on eschatology in the church, every Christian ought to be coming into agreement that the best descriptor for the current church age is “apostasy!” The great falling away from what is right is clear … even in the church! Good Lord, you can’t tell the difference from the church and the world in some communities! Paul told Timothy that if he lived to see the things we are seeing come upon the earth to do the work of an evangelist. Every pastor who mans every pulpit needs to be focused on evangelism right now. The days are short … redeem the time!

My personal point of view regarding eschatology is getting simpler by the day … when Jesus comes, I go!

mark sorenson

Uhh. The original post looks eschatological to me.

Jon Estes

Max –

“The great falling away from what is right is clear … even in the church! Good Lord, you can’t tell the difference from the church and the world in some communities!”

I do wonder if the early church would say the same thing about all of our churches today.

“Every pastor who mans every pulpit needs to be focused on evangelism right now. The days are short … redeem the time!”

I agree but it comes up short. The pastor has his role but the church has hers. I have pastor friends who preach “reach the masses” sermons regularly but when it is time to go, no one shows up. If the current believers will not gather and go, we know they are not sharing as they go.

Just my point of view…


    Jon – I’m in agreement with you on both points. The work of the ministry is indeed in the hands of the saints (both pulpit and pew). God has given the church leaders to perfect and equip the saints to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4) The complacency and apathy among God’s people for the work of God through their lives is deafening. I knew we were in trouble in Southern Baptist life years ago when Wednesday night prayer meetings were canceled across America for lack of interest. Prayerless and powerless we become when the masses won’t reach the masses. Apostasy is the age we live in. Look for God to move soon with a refining fire.

Scott Shaver

I’m afraid I’m having difficulty making the connection between preference for an eschatological template here and the declaration “Either your point of view is line with the Bible or your view is wrong.”

In the case of the author of the article, what if it’s discovered in eternity that his preferred eschatology was off a hair or two? What if he “saw through a glass darkly” on some/many things as I’m sure we all do?

“THE BIBLE SAYS”?…….no it doesn’t.

THE BIBLE is an inanimate book with printed words (albeit critical words/instruction for those who accept by faith its message, source and inspiration).

Beyond that, without the illuminating and guiding presence of God’s Holy Spirit, it’s useful for a paperweight, for filling book shelf space or perhaps as a centerpiece on the coffee table.

Some of the larger more expensive ones have good prints of oil paintings depicting ancient history etc. Drake’s Annotated comes complete with animated charcoal drawn dispensational charts.

Neither bibliolatry nor the promotion of preferred eschatology convince me of orthodoxy.

Allen M area

“All Scripture is God-breathed”. Any amount of doubt does not change the facts of God’s Word. I’m just a Baptist with His Bible, and it is my final authority.

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