June 6, 2010

Alright, let’s talk about Orlando just a little bit. There are some very important things that need to be discussed. Answer these questions on the comment thread.

1. Are you going?

2. Who are you voting for President of the SBC?

3. Are you going to vote fer, or agin, the Great Commission Report?

4. Do you know of any good restaurants near the place we’re meeting?

5. Will there be any vendors inside the convention center? Ice Cream vendors? Coffee vendors?

6. Will anyone be going to the beach? And, if so, will you put any oil on your body, or just wait until you get into the water to be oiled up?

7. How many stupid, moronic motions, resolutions, and comments will be made this year?

8. Will the Westboro Gang be there to protest us again?

9. Will the gay crowd be there to protest us again?

10. Will Wes Kenney have a hair out of place?

11. Will Tim Rogers wear a pink shirt?

12. Will Scott Gordon laugh?

13. How many of the Pastors over 60 will not wear a suit and tie?

Well, if you can thnk of any more questions that really need to be asked and answered, please add those in the comment thread. I’m looking forward to your answers.