Of God, biblical marriage and Duck Dynasty

August 16, 2013

by Norm Miller

Despite their camouflage attire, the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty can’t hide. And people are flocking to DD gear because of the reality show about that Louisiana family, whose ratings soar heavenward, well above its groundling peers.

USA Today reported that nearly 12 million viewers tuned in for this season’s premiere, setting a record for the “nonfiction (reality) show.”

Why is the show so popular? There is a variety of reasons; but for many, it must be the Judeo-Christian ethic that makes the diff.

Sure, the antics, admittedly contrived, provide comic relief from the humdrum 8-to-5 grind. But there is so much more that appeals to the human spirit, and that is the spirituality of the Cajun clan. Their conflation of ethos and pathos is a winning combination. Any pastor worth his salt knows (and practices) this.

Numerous interviews reveal the feathered family’s commitment to the things of God, and their insistence that such a message is included in the show. Those same interviews reveal how much of the spiritual emphasis drops to the cutting room floor. Nonetheless, in a venue that is virtually bereft of morality, the Robertsons have brought a refreshing Spirit back to TV. (And, yes, the capital “S” on Spirit is intended.)

A wedding ceremony nearly 50 years overdue highlighted DD’s season opener. Patriarch Phil and Matriarch Kay celebrated their wedding anniversary with outdoor, riverside nuptials; and because Phil and Kay are Jesus followers, their half-century marriage is testimony that the holy union is everything it’s quacked-up to be.

The morality of the marital ceremony heightened the emotion of the moment. Even the toughest of swamp men had lumps in their throats at episode’s end. One could not help but recall other such meaningful events in their own lives.

The overt nature of the televised ceremony was a not-so-subtle HOORAY! for traditional marriage, which statistically is falling like a mallard full of buckshot.

Emblematic of American society and the ratings data, family and friends of all ages attended the on-camera event. Smiles, tears and a few jokes punctuated the ceremony.

SBCToday applauds the Robertsons for their unabashed and unashamed commitment to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah for a family who has gained international attention by honoring the Savior. May their tribe increase.

God has honored the Robertsons for their faithfulness and their witness as millions of people watch their show. Doubtlessly, some watch it because they want, whether consciously or otherwise, what the Robertsons have – a sense of significance.

The Robertsons would be the first to tell you that their significance isn’t found in dead presidents ($200K/episode to split among themselves), but is found in the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Indeed, one hears more than duck calls on the show. One hears the call of the gospel reverberating as it encourages those who have answered it, and challenges those who haven’t.

May God continue to bless the Robertsons. And may God continue to use Duck Dynasty to point people to Himself.



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Watching Duck Dynasty makes me happy, happy, happy.


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