No formulaic prayer, alone, brings salvation

November 21, 2013

“… no formulaic prayer alone brings salvation. The key is what is in the heart at the time, regardless of the specific words.”

Amen! I purchased a gem of an old book at a yard sale earlier this year for 25-cents: “What Baptists Believe.” Compiled by O.C.S. Wallace, this book was published by the SBC Sunday School Board (1934) to be used in the Training Course for Sunday School Workers. The following text puts the sinner’s prayer into proper perspective I think:

“In the use of means, God’s purpose of grace meets the free-acting human soul. He does not use force. He does not use magic; the idea that … the recitation of certain words and the performance of certain rites, can save a soul, is contrary to the teachings of the Word of God. Salvation comes to the soul that comes to salvation. Forgiving Saviour and penitent sinner meet.”

I love those last two lines. Best quarter I’ve ever spent! I would encourage LifeWay to republish it!


Ed’s. Note: SBCToday commenter “Max” posted and penned the above comments as a response on another thread. We found Max’s words to be valuable and important, obviously, and wanted to highlight his observations.