NASCAR’s Kyle Busch wins at Fontana

March 25, 2013

by Norm Miller

Between catnaps last Sunday (March 24), I watched the NCAA and NASCAR. Every time I’d awaken, I’d change the channel. I must take only catnaps, as my wife will commandeer the remote if I snore for too long.

I had kept fairly close tabs on the NASCAR race at Fontana, Calif., and was aware that Kyle Busch had dominated. But at race’s end, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin were banging it out for first place. They epitomized the saying, “Rubbin’ is racin’.”

Last lap. The 11 and 22 cars were swappin’ paint and race positions. I was sure one of them would be number 33 when they were through.

Who would win?

The 18 car, Kyle Busch!


While Hamlin and Logano were in a fast-paced fracas, Busch took advantage, passed them both on the high side, and sprinted easily for a checkered-flag finish.

What does the NASCAR race at Fontana have to do with SBCToday and you?


The race also relates to something Dr. Steve Gaines said at the John 3.16 Conference March 21-22.

In the midst of his masterful, scriptural defense of the Sinner’s Prayer, he noted that there is soon coming a day in our country when Trads and Cals will need each other.

Gaines noted that our culture is growing increasingly antagonistic toward Christians and Christianity. And when this movement gains full steam, all believers of all stripes will need each other to stand against the onslaught.

I therefore struggle with the amount of time too many of us spend blogging about the matters at hand.

Now, before Trads think I’ve gone soft, let me add that contending for the faith once delivered is not optional; it’s a command. I do not intend to abandon my post (pun intended).

I recall the Conservative Resurgence and the input and influence my father had, and I also reflect on the price he paid, literally. It was the moderates who wanted to focus (I believe, falsely, to a large degree) upon missions and evangelism, and thus deflect now-documented errors of faith and practice.

The answer then was easy: What missions and evangelism will we have without an inerrant Bible?

That said, I believe continuing a discussion about the Sinner’s Prayer, who is guilty of original sin, double-predestination, the extent of the atonement, ‘inability’ of man, etc., is warranted. The answers to these issues directly influence evangelism.

So, what’s the point?

The point is that, there is coming a day when those with whom we now disagree will be our brothers-in-arms against a culture that wants to eradicate us. Right now, if we are honest, we have to admit there are those on both sides of the issues that face us all who would want to rid the SBC of their detractors. I am not in such a faction. And no one with whom I rub shoulders and trade emails is in such a camp, either.

Henceforth my intention is to evaluate how I spend my time, and then ask God to help me to prioritize my kingdom tasks and to focus upon what he deems the most important.

My challenge is for you to do the same.

(P.S. My apologies to Kyle Busch fans. He ain’t the devil.)


Norm Millerby Norm Miller

Norm Miller is the director of communications and marketing at Truett-McConnell College.