NAMB Trustees Respond

October 28, 2014

Pastor Patrick,

Thank you for your affirmation of the Send North America strategy as the North American Mission Board continues to mobilize Southern Baptists to push back lostness in North America.

The North American Mission Board has been and will continue to be transparent in all reporting and we count it a privilege to share with Southern Baptists all the Lord is doing around North America.

All of the statements below have been shared publically (and in writing) many times. These answer all the questions outlined in your email:


  • NAMB does not have any partnerships (formal or informal) with any church planting networks outside of the 42 state Baptist conventions.


  • Through the “Mobilize Me” process, NAMB works to mobilize Southern Baptist churches interested in playing a sending or supporting role with Southern Baptist church plants.  Any SBC church (as deemed eligible to seat messengers at the SBC Annual Meeting by the SBC Executive Committee) can be evaluated by NAMB to determine if they are healthy enough to participate as a sending or supporting church.  Currently, NAMB relates to nearly 3,000 SBC churches of all stripes (small, large, old, new, etc.) that are sending or supporting churches or in the process of becoming one of those.


  • Any church plant with which NAMB participates in funding has certain requirements placed on the plant: (1) The plant must affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and (2) The plant must give 10 percent or more to SBC mission causes – 6 percent or more of which must be to the Cooperative Program.


  • Although it may be impossible for NAMB to know every particular funding source for each church plant, NAMB is working toward requiring every new church plant to have a sending church that will assist with monitoring this information. Additionally, NAMB is close to implementing a new piece of technology ( that will assist us in gathering and summarizing this information for each plant. Once all of our partners are on board with this technology, we will be able to monitor sending church and primary partner information on all church plants. Even with this being the case, we will respect local church autonomy and therefore leave it to the church plant or sending church to decide what information they wish to share publicly.


  • It should be noted that a number of SBC churches (especially ethnic churches) have additional denominational or affinity affiliations. However, as a part of the Annual Church Profile (ACP) process, neither the SBC nor State Conventions ask for or require SBC churches to disclose additional denominational or affinity affiliations – therefore NAMB cannot provide that precise information for church plants. Although, within the last year, NAMB initiated a voluntary survey with the nearly 2500 church planters in NAMB’s support network. Only 30 church planters responded that they had any affiliation with Acts 29.


Again, thank you for the opportunity to respond and clarify.

Blessings to you.

NAMB Board of Trustees