Mother’s Day Gift That Keeps On Giving

May 10, 2014

by Hariette Petersen*

You can bring a bouquet of roses or potted daisies, or even hand your mom a gift certificate for a pedicure and spa treatment.  However, the most endearing, long-lasting gift is more than a peck on the cheek, a quick hug and a “happy mother’s day” greeting. Even though all gifts are treasured and any recognition is appreciated, there is no gift as precious as time.

TimeYes — time, and the more time the better.

Above every gift we could ever receive, time spent with a child is the most treasured blessing a mother could have.  Time to relax, to enjoy their presence.  Time to talk and enjoy one another.  A walk in the woods, a lunch with just her, a day of shopping or a long conversation about dreams or memories. A son or daughter who writes or shares the impact a mother has had would mean more to her than jewels.  I know from personal experience.  I have several notes from my son who is now in heaven.

Before my son died on Mother’s Day 2005, he would often call me up and ask me to drive down to his place and hang out with him as he worked on bidding contracts and drove from place to place in his tile business. So, I’d trek the 50 miles from Oklahoma to Texas and spend the day with him. We’d stop and have coffee or drop in at his favorite restaurant for lunch.  He’d tell me all kinds of stories about his days.  We laughed a lot and he dreamed alot in those visits. He sang along with songs on the radio and made all kinds of crazy noises to make me laugh.  He shared his fears, his heartaches, his hopes and his joys. I’ll never forget the times we had.

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Our thanks, and a tip o’ the hat to Hariette.