Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network Response To ‘Open Letter Of Concern’

April 25, 2016

by SBC Today

Here is the response letter from the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network that was penned in response to Will McRaney’s accusations that were posted on his website and also discussed HERE at SBC Today last week.  We are now posting this response letters to offer both sides of this ongoing story.

***Editor’s Note: To view the actual letter Click Here


March 24, 2016

We are saddened and disappointed to learn of recent statements made by Dr. Will McRaney in an “Open Letter of Concern,” which has been posted on the internet. Regrettably, the Open Letter of Concern contains inaccurate information concerning the leadership of The Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network and the circumstances surrounding Dr. McRaney’s departure from the Network.

We are particularly concerned about the misleading and disparaging remarks made about our Network President, Dr. William Warren. Dr. Warren is a spiritual man of great integrity, who continues to successfully lead our Network. His leadership was re-affirmed by the Network recently at the Annual Meeting in November 2015. The Network respects the confidentiality of personnel matters. We can, however, state with confidence that President William Warren and other elected leadership acted at all times with the full support of the Network’s  governing board and that this matter was handled prayerfully and with the utmost respect for Dr. McRaney. Dr. McRaney resigned from his position as Executive Director of the Network on June 9, 2015. The terms of Dr. McRaney’s departure were mutually agreed upon by Dr. McRaney and the Network.

Finally, any suggestion that the North American Mission Board (NAMB) or any of its officers influenced the separation of Dr. McRaney’s employment from the Network is false. While the Network continues to collaboratively work with NAMB to further our joint missions, all matters pertaining to Network personnel are governed solely by the policies and procedures established by the Network.

We continue to wish only the best for Dr. McRaney and his family, and we pray for the success of all of Dr. McRaney’s future ministries. We remain excited for the future direction of our Network and are looking forward to accomplishing great things for God’s Kingdom. It is our earnest desire and prayer that we can turn our focus completely to the vital task assigned to us: the strengthening and starting of churches throughout Maryland, Delaware and beyond.

***Editor’s Note: To view the actual letter Click Here