Long Term Perspective

Here is an article I have worked on for our Church newsletter. I realize I have been away for awhile, but other obligations have kept me from producing anything for SBCToday. Until I am able to return with more frequency, I thought I would share my latest newsletter to Immanuel. It expounds on the article of Dr. Thom Rainer concerning his love and desire to see established churches grow. Below is my article:

I recently read an article by Dr. Thom Rainer, President of Lifeway Christian Resources. In it he makes this statement:

“We need leaders who will have a long-term perspective, who realize that, while change may be slow, it is possible. We need leaders who will love the existing congregants and lead them at a pace that will not divide the church. We need leaders who will love and live among the church members. We need leaders who will live and love in the community.”

If there is one think I have always felt, it was a “long-term perspective” in my leadership at Immanuel. I have heard too many pastors talk about how they were going to “change the church within a year” only to prepare their résumé for another pastorate after division forced them out of the pastorate. What many of them fail to realize, and by God’s grace in my own experience I have been able to grasp, is that pastors don’t change churches. God and Him alone is the author and finisher of our faith. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying; while a vision is given to pastors for leadership, it is God to gives the growth. Yes, leaders preach, pray, and prepare, but when we begin to understand that God is ultimately in control, all of us can experience less frustration.

God has his hand upon our church and is working in many of our lives to prepare us for the future. Who would have thought 3 years ago we would have a new Music Minister? What will God do three years from now? I don’t think any of us can say with certainty what God will do, but I do know this, God will provide for us whatever we need to be the church He desires us to be. What is our role in this? Nothing less than to seek God’s will in our life and see how he will have us fit in to what he is doing in His church. I believe he is calling us all to “trust and obey.” I look forward with anticipation in witnessing where God will bring us.

Bro. Robin