Lessons on Racism from Church Members

September 23, 2013

by Billy Stevens
Discipleship Pastor
FBC, Houma, La.

The helicopter passed over the church office and landed less than a mile down the road from it. Curiosity got the best of me and I left to check out what was going on. When I got there I found a doubly-tragic situation. A young boy around 12 had drowned and the family had no church family. His mom (black) and dad (white) had moved here about a year before. She had visited our church (white) and I thought she was being welcomed, but later found out she was shunned by a number with their looks and attitude toward her. She later confided in me that she had gone to another church (black) and was being accepted, until they found out her husband was white. At that point many of them ostracized her. It only takes a couple to let you know that you are not welcome and the piercing knife of rejection penetrates your soul.