Layman & former Calvinist notes E. Hankins’ ‘Election’ essay

March 24, 2014

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Thanks Eric:

It is nice to know we have some folks on the non-Calvinist side that can wade through all the smoke, mirrors, and ethereal speculation about aspects of theology (that will remain out of reach to everyone this side of heaven) and bring the discussion back to the biblical revelation!

If our Calvinistic brethren have to resort to this kind of objection, then it is a good indication that they are running out of biblical arguments. Calvinists may one day rule the SBC seminaries, but it is a safe bet that Tom’s objections will never resonate with the rank-and-file believer of any era.

The average Bible reader will never conclude that the biblical God would send anyone to hell for a sin they didn’t *actually* commit, sins they couldn’t prevent, or sins they couldn’t even confess properly.

As a former Calvinist, I have given up looking for a text (or group of texts), which would teach explicitly (or by good & necessary inference) that Jesus did not die for some sinners. If there was such a text in Scripture, you can be sure that all Calvinists would be rallying around it like desperate bees on a lone flower. They would have 3 books out on that text alone… in every generation.

I’m just a layman, and I certainly believe in the foreknowledge and omniscience of God, but the Bible teaches that the final judgment comes after we die… not before we are born. You don’t have to be an Open Theist to reject the 5 inferences.

Doug Sayers

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