I’ve Read. I’ve Watched. I’ve Discussed. Now…(Parenthetical Note)

May 27, 2010

[UPDATE:  As of June 2 we have the answer of the Task Force. They are bringing the seven recommendations as a unified whole…Well, looks like I’ll be supporting a motion (maybe even bringing the motion) to divide the recommendations. :-) ]

Continuing, “sorta,” my response to the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Final Report (GCRTFFR)…

Today I came across an excellent post by Dr. Bart Barber discussing his perspective on the GCRTFFR. It would appear he’s been reading my mind (maybe that’s one of the benefits of being part of the Baptist Identity ‘collective’).  I certainly find myself agreeing with his assessment of the situation.  I wholeheartedly recommend you peruse his post thoughtfully.

As I continue reading, thinking, and discussing, I am once again brought to a question for which I have neither read nor heard an answer thus far.  My question?  Just how will the recommendations from the GCRTFFR be presented to the messengers from the churches when we meet in Orlando?

Will this be a single report thus signifying a single recommendation comprised of seven parts?  If this is to be the case, I think it is an unwise approach.  Based on what I am reading from blogs and various state and national Baptist news sources, an “all-or-nothing” approach will negatively impact what I would hope to see be a significant consensus coming out of the convention meeting regarding our churches moving forward in cooperative ministry and a resurgent emphasis on our Great Commission calling.  I have read numerous accounts of those who will most certainly vote “NO” on the whole for their concern over even just one of the components.  I would hate to see that happen.

Will this be a single report from the Task Force resulting in seven separate recommendations brought to the floor of the convention?  I certainly hope this to be the case.  I believe a truly strong consensus for a Great Commission Resurgence could be built upon high percentage votes for the greater majority of these recommendations, even if our convention votes to not recommend one or two of the seven components at this time.  Upon a springboard such as this, I believe we could continue to work on those areas which at this point might be problematic for a portion of our convention as we forge ahead to penetrate the lostness in our world.

In my next post I plan to ‘wrap-up’ my response to the remaining components/recommendations from the GCRTFFR.