It’s Christmas Time, Let’s Talk About Lottie Moon!

December 10, 2014

Dr. Dan Nelson | Pastor
First Baptist Church, Camarillo, CA

For who has despised the day of small things?
Zechariah 4:10

Who would have thought that God could take a short little lady, four feet and three inches, and use her to such an extent that the largest offering for International Missions bears her name? To look at her, I’m sure, she wasn’t that imposing. But when she got the call she let nothing stop her from doing God’s will. A cousin and her sister had gone before her as missionaries. Yet, she was restricted as a single female from being appointed by the Foreign Mission Board. She did not let that deter her and continued to seek a missionary appointment and finally broke through in 1873.

What followed was a sterling career as a woman of vision and encouragement to all concerned with world missions. Her life was a testimony to undying servitude for the cause of Christ. She went into places that were remote to assist missionaries and spoke to crowds who had never heard the name of Jesus before. She labored in her primary vocation as a teacher and taught young Chinese girls. She helped repeal the binding of feet for even the youngest girls.

The last decade of Lottie’s life was spent living with the people she had labored with for so long in Tengchow and Pingtu. A severe famine hit the land. She did without food as they had done. She died in Kobe, Japan of apparent starvation, however, her dream did not die with her. She fostered a movement that has continued to lift the cause of missions to the forefront of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Offerings began every Christmas to support missions and continue the legacy of Lottie Moon and the many other missionaries throughout the world. Today, over 5,000 missionaries are serving in many countries through the International Mission Board, living the way Lottie did, among the people and taking the greatest message in the world to people who have never heard it before. Who would have ever thought that someone so small could lead a movement so large? That’s the way God works: in the unseen, with the unknown, and in unexpected ways.

God’s message to Zerubbabel was to build the temple and the city again. Don’t despise small beginnings and small things. God will accomplish great things through wholly committed lives, like Lottie Moon’s.  You may think nothing you do will ever amount to anything for the Lord. You have no idea what God can do through you if you will commit your entire life to Him. Take the limitations off and the natural expectations down. Let God work and see what He is able to do. Lottie Moon is one of the greatest examples of what God can do as we surrender our lives to Him.