Instant, in season and out.

January 20, 2014

Submitted by Dr. Brad Whitt, pastor
Abilene Baptist ChurchAugusta, Ga

Yesterday, I went to preach knowing that I didn’t feel well. I’d been fighting a cold for several days, but knew that it was definitely getting worse. I was starting to cough more and grow weak. (I made note of it from the pulpit and explained that I wouldn’t be shaking any hands that morning because I didn’t want to take a chance on making anybody sick.)

I preached the first service and my iPad had a “hiccup” about half way through the message. Thankfully, our A/V guys had put a paper copy of my message in the pulpit like I had asked them one time nearly two years ago.

There were a few folks who came to pray at the altar, but no other decisions. I rested during the Sunday School hour, but was definitely feeling worse. I started preaching the second hour, and I could tell that my voice was getting even more hoarse. Oh, and my iPad crashed again. But, when the invitation was extended, three people prayed to trust Christ and three more came to join the church. His strength was definitely made perfect through my weakness.