In Christ Alone

August 13, 2013

Pastor Tim Rogers offers his RESPONSE to the recent flap about Christ’s atonement as related to changing the words to the song, “In Christ Alone.”


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While I have mixed feelings about the recent Presbyterian flap over its theological purging of hymns, I do think that Southern Baptists should have flapped a little more than they did with LifeWay’s 2008 revision of the Baptist Hymnal. Grand old hymns referring to Christ’s death as an atonement for everyone and not just the elect – like “Whosoever Will” and “Whosoever Meaneth Me” didn’t make the cut in the new hymnal. Neither did “Oh What a Wonder It Is”, with its “all who would believe in Him, He’d save them every one” or “Holy Bible, Book of Love”, which proclaims that Christ “died for everyone.” Perhaps just casualties of making room for some new songs … or something “theological’ afoot?

Johnathan Pritchett

Well written article. I for the most part agree with it.

However, and I normally don’t like to disagree with Tim Rogers on things, but the one thing I did disagree with this article is the statement that Baptists shouldn’t be weighing in on this flap within the PCUSA. I don’t see anything wrong with Baptists either reporting noteworthy events within the sphere of Christianity here in America in general, or various Baptists offering opinionated commentaries on such events, even if such commentaries are disagreeable and causes their own flaps.

Norm Miller

I guess if Presbyterians can comment within an SBC Sunday school curriculum, then we ought to be able to comment on their hymnal.

Tim Rogers (@Timothy_Rogers)

Nothing wrong in disagreeing with me. :) I do understand what you say about the reporting of newsworthy events in our Baptist papers. However the reporting of an event about a song that was left out of a Presbyterian Hymnal without even a mention of the Baptist Hymnal songs left our to me seems to be a little melodramatic. What is there about a hymn that is not included in a Presbyterian Hymnal that is newsworthy for Alabama Baptists? Yes, we live in America where everyone has a right to speak out about anything we so desire. I just do not see where a Baptist Editor should be covering a hymn left out of a Presbyterian Hymnal.

Mary S.

I disagree with the author that we should stay silent. No one would change the words to the hymn like that unless they reject penal satisfaction. And the day Southern Baptists reject penal satisfaction is the day this church will be apostate. We should take a stand for the truth.

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