Houston, Texas – the “New” Alamo in Culture War

October 17, 2014

by Ron F. Hale

I’ve been to the Alamo in Texas and slowly read the names of a host of Tennesseans (and others) who volunteered to go to Texas to fight and die. With the controversial subpoena of sermons of five Houston pastors and religious leaders, Mayor Annise Parker and her legal team have turned Houston into the “new” Alamo in the American culture war.

It would be a cold day in hades before this Tennessee pastor turned my sermon notes and communications over to any government official. I believe thousands of other pastors from Tennessee and the forty-nine other states will join with you in fighting this disgraceful intrusion into your religious liberties and First Amendment rights. Our prayers are already with you!

Mayor Annise Parker and City Attorney David Feldman seem to be backing up from their initial actions. Now they understand that they have stirred up a hornet’s nest and it will not be easy to bow out gracefully.

May this horrible overreach of power and political retribution serve as a warning to God-fearing Americans as to the liberties and laws the Left and the LGBT community will trample — as they seek to revolutionize America according to their very aggressive agenda.

Remember Houston!

*From the Editor: There is a petition that you can sign through Mike Huckabee HERE