Hold The Hearse, I Have An Idea!

May 9, 2011

Dr. Jerry Nash, Director of Missions, Harmony Baptist Association, Trenton, FL

If the current trend continues there will be another attempt to change the name of The Southern Baptist Convention within the next few years.  When the name changes I believe there will be thousands of SBC churches which will not make the transition.

You may remember the only word in our name which the name-change proponents agreed with is The.  They are anti-Southern, anti-Baptist, and anti-Convention.  I have a suggestion for those who wish to lead the SBC in a new direction.  Let us agree to let the anti-SBC, anti-CP, anti-Association, anti-State Convention and pro-Primitive Baptist doctrines be blessed to go out and become whatever it is they want to be.  I believe God would be honored if they left before destroying The Southern Baptist Convention.

For those of that perspective, they can take with them any seminaries that want to go.  For those who believe we need only one missionary sending agency, let them take the New NAMB with them.  Early indications are that the shift has already begun.  Why not make it official?  If we continue to support non-Baptist networks and fund non-Baptist new churches, it is only a matter of time before SBC churches will further reduce CP giving.

As more and more of our SBC churches discover the shift in direction and doctrine, there will be less and less loyal support.  As in 1 Corinthians 14:8, the trumpet is making an uncertain sound.  I believe there is a limit to unquestioned, lifetime loyalty to a denomination.  We see it in other denominations around us.

The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest evangelical denomination in America.   Our critics think we need to make major changes to become more relevant and effective.  The time has come for those who not truly Baptist in faith and practice to move along and form their own convention (or whatever they want to call it) instead of trying to fix what isn’t broken.

Jerry W. Nash