Highs and Lows of the SBC

June 18, 2010


1. Casting Crowns and Tony Nolan’s testimony on Wednesday night. It was great. What a blessing this was.

2. Spending time with my wife. We had a great time together.

3. Francis Chan’s message. This message really blessed my heart, and it spoke to me strongly. I would hope that every Pastor would listen to this one.

4. Dr. Russell Moore’s message. This message brought tears to my eyes, and it blessed me greatly. I will encourage my people to strongly consider adopting.

5. Seeing friends and meeting new ones. It was really good seeing everyone. I had a blast meeting people, and I had some great conversations with some people.

6. Morris Chapman’s report. He boldly, courageously shared his heart and thoughts about the Great Commission Task Force Report. He nailed it, and he took some slams and heat for it. I reluctantly voted for the GCR report…after they tweaked the CP giving part of it. But, this is not the cure all for what ails the SBC. Our hearts have to be set on fire by the Lord. We must have a sweeping renewal of our spirits by the Holy Spirit to really see a GC resurgence.

7. NAMB report. What a blessing to hear the testimonies of the people, who had gotten saved, and to see them in person on the platform and sharing with us.

8. Meeting people from all over the world. I met people from Ireland, Thailand, Jamaica, Haiti, and other places as we travelled to restaurants. Amazing!


1. The heat and the crowds.

2. People acting like they’d just won the lottery when the GCR report passed by a 70 to 30% vote…after it was tweaked. If it had not been tweaked, then component #3 might have been voted down. But, some of the people I was sitting near acted like the Lord Jesus had just appeared when it passed. One young man leaped up and shouted and took off running just like someone at an old, Tennessee revival meeting. I couldn’t help but laugh at him, and at the attitude of some of the people around me. Wow! I sure do hope this GCR report does everything great and good that these people apparently think it will.

3. Some of the sermons we heard. They were nothing more than topical, philosophical thoughts and feelings of the speaker. Or, they were lectures on stats, and some were nothing more than GCR propaganda. I’d rather hear the Bible taught, and Jesus lifted up.

4. Dr. Tom Rainer’s weak explanation of why the Shack and TD Jakes books were being sold at Lifeway. I used to be able to tell my people that buying something at Lifeway was good. You could trust that their stuff was good and sound. Not anymore. Not when heretical books are allowed to be sold at OUR Lifeway stores. We might as well start selling Joel Osteen’s and Schuler’s books again. Why not? Apparently, making money is the main consideration now.

5. The prices of food and drinks inside the convention center. Ripoff. I would’ve felt better buying them, if the people selling the food and drinks were wearing masks and holding a gun.

6. $11 per time you parked at the convention center. For commentary, see number 5 above.

7. The attitude of a few of the people at the convention. Let’s just say that jerk comes to mind. Also, the arrogant air of some of them. The ones, who strut around like the King and Queen of the land.

8. The rapping and the motion made by the young man, who thought he was being so cute, as he asked the SBC to appreciate Acts 29.

What were some of the highs and lows for you?