Good Morning SBC Today!

September 1, 2016

Kyle B. Gulledge | Associate Pastor
Southview Baptist Church, Rosharon, TX
Editor, SBC Today

Good Morning SBC Today!

This is the first day of a new month and the first day with me as the editor of this blog. Perhaps I should tell you a little bit about myself.  I was born and raised in Mesquite, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.  I have been a Southern Baptist all of my life.  My grandfather pastored the church that we all attended for almost 30 years.  Needless to say, I was actually going to church nine months before I started going to church!

Having grown up in a Christ-honoring home one might think that I was saved at an early age.  Actually, I didn’t repent of my sins and trust the Lord Jesus as my Savior and Lord until I was fourteen years old.

I served four years in the United States Coast Guard, got out and took advantage of the benefits of the G.I. Bill.  I Attended both Criswell College in Dallas, Texas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.  My wife, Leah and I have two sons, who keep us very busy.  I have pastored in West Texas, the Dallas, Texas area, and am currently at Southview Baptist Church just south of Houston, TX.

What Is My Vision For SBC Today?

SBC Today has been a tremendous place for articles, discussions, and even debates. I don’t think that will change.  I will continue the trend that my predecessor, Jonathan Carter had- I will not write a post on a regular basis, but will from time to time offer an article on an issue that I feel needs to be addressed.  I do hope to continue to publish articles by our current contributors and add a few others to the line-up.

This is part of the communication arm of Connect 316.  We are signers of the traditional statement of soteriology and believe that God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus, is offered and available to all.  Because of such, do not come expecting anything different.  Don’t act surprised that there aren’t articles promoting Calvinism.  It should not be expected that you can come and comment on here in an attempt to “hijack” an articles’ comment thread with comments that are contrary to those beliefs.  There are plenty of Calvinist blogs that I’m sure will meet with your approval.  Dialogue and communication are fine- to a point.  In most blogs, there seems to be a desire by the commentors to show everyone just how smart they really are.  Most of the “discussions” would be better done in a private, one on one meeting.  At some point we all must step back from a conversation and come to the determination that “you aren’t going to change my mind and I’m not going to change yours” and it is best to walk away from the discussion.  It’s not conceding a loss, rather it’s just making better use of our time.  And I don’t know about you, but I could always use more time.  I hope that all of us will strive to have a sweet attitude that honors the Lord Jesus and is controlled by the Holy Spirit.

I will deal in grace and generosity and expect the same from everyone who participates on this blog.

I hope that many of the articles forthcoming will be articles that deal with issues that both Tradtionalists and Calvinists can come together on.  I’m not looking for unity, but harmony is desirable.

We will continue to bring articles that are devotional for the edifying of one another.  Also, we will run articles that deal with current issues facing the church as a whole, our culture, and even our own Southern Baptist Convention.

People who know me often tell me how forward and upfront I am.  I think it’s important to go ahead and let everyone know where I stand.  Additionally, I think it would be a good idea to review the rules of this blog as stated on the home page.  I’ve provided them here for easier access:

As a ministry of Connect 316, SBC Today exists to facilitate open discussion among Southern Baptists about topics concerning the Southern Baptist Convention. We offer the following guidelines for those who wish to comment on our blog.

1. Obey the Golden Rule.

2. We use our names along with accurate email addresses. Please use yours.
Unless we know you personally, please do not use pseudonyms, initials or partial names as such may imply that you have reasons for preferring anonymity. If you have such a need, please email us to discuss the matter. Please also provide an accurate email address.

3. Stay on topic.
Ranging widely from the main blog post or subsequent commentary is not recommended. Intentionally distracting comments will be moderated.

4. Don’t Make It Personal.
Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Immediate revocation of posting privileges will occur. Because lighthearted ribbing is too easily misinterpreted, please minimize such commentary.

5. Links
Links are accepted, but not recommended. Please refrain from posting multiple links.  SBC Today does not endorse any links that are found within the comment sections.

6. Just the Facts
Demonstrate a knowledge of the difference between opinion and fact. It is not recommended to state opinion as fact. SBC Today staff hopes you continue to participate in the discussions and do so in a way that reflects our Savior’s love and also magnifies Him.

7. Comment Length
Comments should not be longer than the original post! Please limit the length of your comment to less than 500 words. This does not mean that you can then post consecutive 500 word comments in a string. Please do not post an inappropriate amount of consecutive comments. If you are found to be doing this you will be banned.

8. Banishment
If you are found to be breaking the rules you will be banned from posting for an amount of timed deemed appropriate by the Editor.  If you break the rules a second time you will be banned. If you are found to be a habitual offender you will be blocked from the site.

9. Enforcement
Interpretation of all rules, regulations, and punishment is under the discretion of the Moderator of SBC Today.

I look forward to the days and weeks ahead of working and dialoguing together.

Kyle B. Gulledge, editor

Malachi 2:6

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Rick Patrick

Welcome, Kyle! Thanks for laying out the ground rules. I am looking forward to the posts we will enjoy in the days ahead.

Barry E. Templeton

Well said. Proud to say that you are my Pastor and brother in Christ. I feel you are in this position for a very good reason. I feel SBC needs you, especially now. Oh, Minister of Music also.

Pam Knight

Welcome Kyle, thanks for being available to the Lord. Thanks for reminding us of what this site was created for. We are so thankful that SBCToday & Connect316 has given us a voice while also keeping us informed on current issues.
In Christ
Pam & Theo Knight

Jon Estes


From a former Criswell student… Coastie dad (of two – one still in the other got out after 6 years)

I can define myself as a SBC traditionalist if I get to pick the date which precedes the position of the current traditionalists. If not, I will be of reformed thinking.

I might be, at times, be considered edgy in my remarks but always with the hope to make my point.

My education journey put me around some of the Traditionalists and Calvinists who are mentioned at times.

Will comment when time permits. Life is busy and time is precious.

Praying the Traditionalist will one day see I and other reformed thinkers not the enemy.

    Rick Patrick

    I don’t think most Trads see Cals as the enemy. Goodness, if we did, then why would we send so much money through CP channels to start Cal churches through SEND NORTH AMERICA?

    We just disagree with the Cal position and would like to see a greater proportion of Trads involved in leadership, writing, speaking and denominational life. We feel a bit disenfranchised with all the Cal emphasis over the past decade. This YRR trend deserves a healthy and respectful response from those of us who disagree. At least, that is what we are TRYING to offer.

    Admittedly, some on both sides go too far occasionally. Have a blessed Labor Day weekend.


      Rick –

      I am simply using the wide brush some use here against Calvinists – enemy – satanic – lost (thankfully it has been a while since this one was tossed out)- … to make a point.

      Interesting it gerts explained to me that I am not considered the enemy but I do not recall anyone explaining to those who refer to my theology as satanic how they are wrong.

      I’m ok with disagreement, as I think you on most things. Disparaging remarks from either side need to be ignored fairly or commented on fairly. I know you understand that ideal, as you are calling for it inthe SBC. Please demonsrate what you mean here.

        Rick Patrick

        To those who refer to Calvinism as Satanic, just like James MacDonald referred to the Traditional Southern Baptist polity form of congregationalism as Satanic, I think this is unfortunate and inaccurate and unhelpful. I wish this would stop, so we could just debate, without all the name calling requiring moderation and refereeing. It is time consuming and pointless. Just debate the theology without calling people names.


          I just don’t see how the man who invented Calvinism can be seen as doing the will of God or had good fruit in implementation. I don’t think it is benign. I think it is bizarre to pretend like it has had a good influence, historically. I think the same about Catholicism.


          When JM makes such a statement here, I will be glad to say… print… shout against such comments. I am unaware of him doing such but the fact is it is being done here.

          If I were to maker a case (unfounded as it may be) that Traditionalists are following the wiles of the devil, I am sure I would hear from you and my comments not be published. Gosh, I had my comments not posted due to you thinking they were discriminating against Traditionalist (which I disagree with your premise).

          Then again, it is your blog to politic for fairness in the SBC. No need to do make it a godly principle you would want to show in every area of your life – fairness that is.

          As a result, this is what makes me think if Traditionalists were in charge, I would be banned from the SBC.

            Jim Poulos

            Heb. 1:8 But to the Son He says:
            “Your throne, O God, is forever and ever;
            A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom.

            Fairness automatically goes with the territory for anyone who names the name of Jesus.

            Rick Patrick

            No, you would not be banned from the SBC, but you would not be allowed to act in a rude and insulting manner toward others without suffering any consequences. You have not really been adding to the discussion, just the dissension, with all of the name calling. Hence, in this forum, you may consider yourself banned.


              Rick, did you just ban Jon? For what if so?


                Lots of people have been banned from Voices with no warning or blog announcements.


                  The thing that has always amused me about the Cals is they demand what they see as fair treatment while dishing out unfair treatment in other venues. Those who have witnessed it for years know exactly what I am talking about

                  They hold non Cals to higher standards than they have for themselves.

                    Andrew Barker

                    Lydia: Witness also the fact that pointing this out has now been delineated as a ‘sin’ no less! :-o


                  The thing that has always amused me is the several commenters on this site who are so certain of the sins of others (Cals) while simultaneously being so blind to their own.


                    “The thing that has always amused me is the several commenters on this site who are so certain of the sins of others (Cals) while simultaneously being so blind to their own.”

                    Moral equivalency arguments worked for the Clintons to stay in power all these years. The tactic of Sin leveling was used by SGM, now SBC, to insist a molested 3 year old was a sinner, too, just like her molester.


                    “Lydia: Witness also the fact that pointing this out has now been delineated as a ‘sin’ no less! :-o”

                    That is how it works. That is why it points to a much bigger and deeper systemic problem.


                So Lydia will you now refer to this site also as Pravda? Is the goal to be like Voices? Then there’s this pesky verse:

                “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”


                  SBC Today can’t be Pravda because Rick Patrick is really Emmanuel Goldstein. Sheesh.

                    Andrew Barker

                    That is so true! :-)

                    Rick Patrick

                    Well, I *have* been to many Brotherhood meetings. :-)

                    Frankly, we are trying to clean up this comment stream a bit, so that our level of discourse rises to the same respectful tone of the articles and essays themselves. That necessitates the removal of a few trolls every now and then.

                    We want fair and open discussion here, but we do not want a cock fight. That does not speak well for our blog. Thus, I have been moderating with a bit of a heavier hand.

                    As Kyle takes over the editor and moderator duties, it seems like a good time to set the proper tone for our site. We have some exciting improvements coming in the days ahead. We don’t need people coming in and just making trouble all of the time. Granted, these are judgment calls.


                Or maybe Jesus said or really meant, “do to back to others what they have done to you, for payback is fair play.”


                  Les, you just used one of the most popular tactics. I would think acknowledgement of a movement built on deceptive tactics would be part of growing in spiritual maturity. I don’t understand why people are “bad” because they don’t automatically trust “Christian” authoritarian deceivers who want to pretend nothing happened as more and more horrors come out from that movement. . (The tactic of Gas lighting is used a lot). Frankly if that is the normal, and it is, it is not healthy.

                  And Calvinism, historically, was implemented through authoritarianism and cruelty. It is not new.

Dennis Lee Dabney

Brother Jon,

The same Enemy is “all” of our enemies and he’s clearly stated in Scripture. Although we do disagree theologically, our relationship is bound up in the bosom of God our Father and His Beloved.

I love you and all of my Reformed brothers and sisters and there ain’t nothing no one can do about it!

Let me say it this way, in others words, it’s not subject to change.


    Jim Poulos


    Good Word, and yes that will preach. And the pray is all God’s people would get that message because the heart of the Father is His Son and we are in Him.
    We have a long way to go.

    Nahum 1:7


    Dennis –

    It was an intentional use of a broad brush coment. See my comment to Rick.

Dennis Lee Dabney

Welcome Kyle,

I agree with my sister above. May we make your labor of love here an enjoyable experience.



Ron F. Hale

Wishing you well and hope you have some fun along the way!

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