God uses sermons on repentance

August 12, 2013

Dan Nelson, pastor
FBC Camarillo, Calif.

“Praise the Lord for the phenomenal response to the sermon series I am preaching on repentance. We have baptized three so far, and we have two more candidates soon to be baptized. Church attendance also has increased. On every Sunday since I started the series, we have seen someone either join the church, or come forward for salvation or in repentance and re-dedication. One man walked the aisle on only his second visit to our church. While under deep conviction, he asked me, “Where is the nearest place I can kneel?” He is saved, but he had to get something right with the Lord.

Another man visited our church yesterday, and he told me, “I have never heard such preaching on repentance. It is so needed in the church today. I will be back.”

So, instead of the preaching on repentance repulsing people, God has used it as a divine magnet to draw people to Himself.

My messages out of the New Testament have been on individual repentance while the ones from the Old Testament will be more on corporate repentance. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with those.

Thanks for all your help, SBCToday.