Get the NOBTS iPhone App Free at the iTunes Store

May 11, 2012

As you come to New Orleans for the 2012 SBC Convention, you might want to download the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary iPhone app, which was released this Spring. The NOBTS app has many of the features can help you while you’re in town, and others that you may find helpful at any time:

  • The NEWS TAB provides breaking information on upcoming events, such as the Greer-Heard Forum, archeological dig information, trustee news, and life at NOBTS.
  • The CHAPEL TAB provides links to listen or watch recent chapel services.
  • The INFO TAB provides maps of the campus, both an illustrated map and a Google map, as well as key contact information for the campus.
  • The EVENTS TAB brings up the campus calendar and information on other events around the NOBTS campuses
  • The ACADEMICS TAB provides information on courses (including hybrid and online courses) for both NOBTS and Leavell College.
  • The ALUMNI TAB provides NOBTS alumni with items specifically designated for them

However, the NOBTS app has a feature you may find helpful wherever you are. Bored standing in a line? Whip out the Greek and Hebrew vocabulary flash cards feature! You can brush up on your Biblical language skills while you have some free time!

  • The TOOLBOX TAB provides Greek and Hebrew vocabulary flashcards that can be used by anyone taking these languages in schools around the world. The vocabulary lists are from Dr. Gerald Stevens’ New Testament Greek Primer and cover the key introductory words in biblical Greek. The Hebrew vocabulary lists are based on verb and noun frequency. What makes this feature especially useful for all students of biblical languages is that you can create custom vocabulary lists tailored to your own needs and interests.

The NOBTS iPhone app can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store. Search for NOBTS on the store or go to NOBTS on iTunes.