Gaines to nominate Barber for SBC 1st veep

June 7, 2013

FORT WORTH — Bart Barber, lead pastor of First Baptist Church in Farmersville, Texas, will be nominated for 1st vice president at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Houston, June 11-12.

Steve Gaines, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn., announced the nomination and his endorsement of Barber on Twitter June 7.

“I plan to nominate Bart Barber, pastor of the historic FBC, Farmersville, TX, as 1st VP of the SBC at next week’s annual mtg in Houston,” read Gaines’ Tweet.“It is an honor and privilege to nominate my fellow pastor, Bart Barber, as the 1st vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has faithfully served our Lord, local churches, and our Convention for many years in various capacities,” Gaines said.

Barber’s church “is committed to the Cooperative Program and to SBC missions. He is well qualified to help our president, Dr. Fred Luter, as we all seek a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival on our churches and our institutions,” Gaines added. “I pray that others will join in support of Pastor Barber’s nomination.”

Barber, 43, has served as pastor in Farmersville since 1999 after serving pastorates in Texas, Okla. and Ark.

Last year, FBC Farmersville averaged 292 in Sunday School, The church gives 10 percent of undesignated receipts to the Cooperative Program annually, with more than $33,000 for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

FBC Farmersville members have adopted an unengaged, unreached people group in Senegal. Three mission trips to the country have rendered 17 professions of faith in a collection of tribes that previously had no evangelical presence.

At Southwestern Seminary Barber earned his M.Div. in 1996 and Ph.D. in church history in 2006. He served as adjunct professor at Southwestern from 2006 to 2009. Barber completed his undergraduate degree at Baylor University in 1991.

As a trustee at Southwestern Seminary, Barber was selected last year to chair the Academic Administration Committee. He also serves as vice-chairman of the executive board of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

In 2007, former SBC president Frank Page asked Barber to serve on the Southern Baptist Convention Committee on Committees.

Born and reared in Lake City, Ark., Barber came to Christ at age five and was called to preach at age 11. He and Tracy, his wife, have two children: Jim, 10; and Sarah, 6.

“I’m deeply moved by the confidence placed in me by Steve Gaines and, should they concur with him, by the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention,” Barber said regarding Gaines’ announcement. “Any role I can play in carrying our cooperative mission work into the coming decades is something I can get excited about.”


With reportage from the SBCT’s TEXAN and Baptist Press



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Great choice….I look forward to voting for him.


Johnathan Pritchett

Gaines says, “as we all seek a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival on our churches and our institutions”

This presupposes that the churches and institutions in the SBC need reviving. I made this argument just yesterday and was told that all is well by someone who ought to know better.

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” so we’re told…

Glad Gaines’ head isn’t in the sand. While I agree with him, I wonder what he thinks is wrong that we need a “fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival on our churches and our institutions” because it seems no one is willing to talk about what the problems actually are in the SBC.

I hope Barber isn’t an empty suit. I don’t know much about him.

    Norm Miller

    I’ve met Bart digitally and not personally, and I cannot vouch for the content of his suit. But I can his head and heart. — Norm

      Norm Miller

      “I made this argument just yesterday and was told that all is well by someone who ought to know better.”
      Anyone who has seen the SBC’s ACP report would not at all be saying that “all is well.” Whoever told you that either has not seen the report or is okay that last year was our worst record for baptisms since 1948. — Norm


        Worse record for baptisms but maybe not for believer’s baptisms.


          But we aren’t the judge are we?

          Norm Miller

          Hutch: when you are able to discern between genuine and fake baptisms, we will elect you permanent SBC president. Until then … – Norm

        Johnathan Pritchett

        Well, lazy “pew-warmers” like myself have been told over the past few years that we are mostly doing-nothings who need to be revived.

        I have dared to suggest that part of this decline, and perhaps even a large part of the decline, is that perhaps some pastors stink at their jobs as leaders and need to do better, perhaps some seminary professors who train the pastors stink at their jobs as mentors and need to do better, and perhaps some SBC Convention and Institution leaders stink at their jobs and need to do better, be revived, etc.

        This notion has, by pastors, theologian professors, and at least one institution leader, been met with much resistance and groaning.

        It is never the leadership in their eyes, its always us lazy pew-warmers showing up every Sunday…

        Well, I disagree, because if we pew-warmers are X, Y, and Z, then some or a lot of it is because our leadership has made us so by their poor example and poor preaching, teaching, model, etc.

        I think the leadership at all levels need to evaluate themselves, and decide whether or not they need to improve, or get out of the way since they aren’t helping anything and actually hurting and contributing much to this decline.

        But say that out loud, and every pastor who has camped out for five years at a church fading away will protest, dig up some OT story or passage to spiritualize their laziness and lack of results. I find that use of Scripture to justify failure quite putrid.

        Acts is the model, and the refrain is always “and the Lord added to their number”, regardless of whether it was “in season or out of season”. In Paul’s worst occasions, like Athens, Corinth, etc., there was always “some believed” because God has His people everywhere.

        We know God isn’t to blame for our decline. God is always at work. We need to ask ourselves if we just need to allow the decline to happen and wait on God (which I doubt), or see what we are doing or not doing that God is displeased with and He isn’t giving the increase because He is waiting on us to get it together.

        I get it that pastors, professors, and other leaders are often insecure and deal with a lot of nonsense. But I also get that never in my lifetime have I seen leaders in the church and convention (or anywhere else in our decadent society) unwilling consider any themselves as having responsibility on their part for decline like I have lately.

        David Worley, our beloved friend, is about the ONLY pastor whom I have heard from cry out to the Lord to “start revival in me”. I expect his church will boom big time in the near future with that awesome display of humility, passion, and leadership. I’d nominate him for President of the SBC next year for having that kind of heart, if I were someone important.

          Alan Davis

          Amen Jonathan,

          I agree with you, and David on this.

Rick Patrick

Bart Barber will serve Southern Baptists well. I look forward to casting my vote for him in a few days. My two sons have been elected messengers this year, so I plan to purchase their votes for Barber also. :-)

Ron F. Hale

Congrats on your nomination and election!

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