Fourth Annual Southview Baptist Church Bible Conference

September 7, 2016

Kyle B. Gulledge, Associate Pastor
Southview Baptist Church- Rosharon, TX
Editor, SBC Today

As the grandson of a Baptist pastor, I grew up attending (dragged was more like it) local church revivals and Bible conferences.  It seems that there just aren’t too many of those around anymore.  I feel that we are missing out on an important gift to the church.

When I was a student at Criswell College and early in my ministry a friend and I would drive over two and half hours one way, at times, to go hear certain preachers.  What a glorious time he and I had hearing preaching by faithful and gifted men such as Bill Stafford, Sonny Holland and Ron Dunn, just to name a few.  I miss those days.  But all is not hopeless!

One of the things that is immeasurably helpful to the local church and the Body of Christ in general is solid preaching that stirs the heart for the things of God.   It is preaching that is preached by preachers with hearts on fire that sets a church ablaze to change their community, region, state, nation and world.

From time to time, I hope to inform you of conferences that we feel best represent us here at SBC Today and Connect 316.  Conferences that by attending you might be able to put a face to a name of someone that you have read their post or comments.  These conferences have a way of making lasting impressions upon us spiritually and afford us the opportunity to make new acquaintences

One such conference is the annual Bible conference that our wonderful church the Southview Baptist Church in Rosharon, TX hosts every year.  In the past such preachers have included: Dr. Paige Patterson, Dr. Jerry Vines,  Dr. Jeff Schreve, Dr. Bill Harrell, Dr. Phil Hoskins, Evangelist Malcom Ellis and Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr.

This year’s conference, Friday, September 9- Sunday, September 11, features Dr. David Allen, Dean of the School of Preaching at  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary , Dr. Bailey Smith, of Bailey Smith Ministries and former president of The Southern Baptist Convention (both signers of the “Traditional Statement”) and also Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX and a contributor on the Fox News Channel.  Music will be provided by the Southview Worship Choir and the Southern Gospel family group, The Erwins.  It will be a fantastic time of fellowship, encouragement and refreshment in God’s Word.  You will also experience the love and enthusiasm of our members as they volunteer to help out in so many areas of this conference.  Just meeting them is a blessing and worth the trip.

I am fully aware that The Fourth Annual Southview Bible Conference begins this week.  But if you live in the Houston, Texas area or are able to leave on short notice we would love to have you join us for this great time of refreshing.  If you can’t join us please pray for this conference and all those attending.  If you need  more information regarding this conference or lodging go to or feel free to call (713)702-1107.