Faith talk belongs in the Public Square

September 8, 2013

by Ronnie Rogers, pastor
Trinity Baptist Church,
Norman, Okla.

Actually, the original title of this essay is
“The Legitimacy of Religiously Based Arguments in the Public Square,”
and SBCToday believes you should click that long title because it links to Pastor Rogers’
informed, relevant treatise at But before you click, note the teasers below.

  1. Everyone believes some unproven assumptions.
  1. Both secularism and supernaturalism are worldviews.
  1. Everyone argues from a worldview.
  1. Suitable publicly debatable ideas need only to provide some publicly accessible rational evidence.
  1. The source of an idea is not a sufficient cause for aprioristic exclusion from public debate.
  1. Associated faith assumptions do not disqualify all associated beliefs.
  1. Faith cannot truly be excluded from the marketplace of ideas.