Evangelistic Events Win Souls

January 18, 2014

submitted by Pastor David Worley
Bethel Baptist Church, Greenfield, Tenn.

We have seen several great results from our Awana program. I had the privilege of leading a young girl to the Lord Jesus a few weeks ago. She has come to our Vacation Bible School through the years, and she and her family have attended our church from time-to-time. The Lord used all of these things to bring her to salvation.

After she got saved, her older sister came to me, telling me that she had gotten saved at a youth conference less than a year ago and she knew that she needed to be baptized. So, we baptized both sisters together. What a glorious day, which only got better, because their mother also joined our church.

Things like this — good and glorious things like this — still happen when we reach out to people with the glorious Gospel of Jesus. VBS, Awana, youth conferences and other events, which are evangelistic, are still worth doing. God uses them to save people, people whom God loves and wants to save.