Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson & Youtube Devotionals

September 1, 2013

Sadie Robertson, 16, prayed as a child that God would allow her to make a difference in the world. With her weekly “I Am Different” devotional on Youtube (every Monday) and a fashion line due out in spring that champions modesty, SBCToday thinks she’s made a great start.

To read more about Sadie’s efforts to let her light shine in a sin-darkened world, click HERE.
To view the “I Am Different” introductory video, click HERE.

Be sure to watch the “I Am Different” video every week. Multiply Sadie’s efforts using social media, and support her with your prayers. A young woman reared in the church and attempting to make an overt Christian impact, Sadie provides a stark contrast among other such women whose fame has turned their heads in a different spiritual direction.