Do You Tremble?

November 25, 2014

Allen M. Rea | Pastor
Dunn Memorial Baptist Church, Baxley, GA

The modern church appears to be looking for the movers and shakers. The church is obsessed with new formulas and methods. “Success” is the crown worn by those who have attracted the largest following. Church members desire chaplains to attend them and comfort them. They shy away from men of God who would proclaim the ultimatums of Truth to them. The admiration of godless ambition has gifted to the modern church a plethora of undisciplined complacent pew warmers. I say this only to state what I think is desperately obvious: we need revival.

I am not speaking of a revival that we plan. I am speaking of what the Blackaby’s refer to as a “fresh encounter with God.” This country has not seen a revival for over 100 years. We have no living testimonies of a revival! You may think: my church just had a revival and I attended! True revivals turn the world upside down; that is not something you attend but something you experience. If you left revival meetings unchanged, then you did not have revival. Our fathers or grandfathers have not seen true revival. We are in complete ignorance of it. I cannot explain revival any more than I can explain the Trinity. It cannot be grasped with the mind but only with the Spirit.  As the unborn continue to be murdered and marriage continues to be redefined, what hope do we have?

Beloved, there are two hopes for this country: rapture or revival. Revival is impossible while our Bibles are closed. Rapture comes only under the timing of the Father’s authority. In Isaiah 66:2 the Bible says: “But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.” Let me humbly suggest that revival is prolonged and life-altering, trembling at God’s Word. We do not tremble at his Word. Continual glancing at our watches during the sermon proves we tremble more at our appetites than His Word. The uncanny ability to miss corporate worship for any reason while we find ways to drag ourselves out of bed for work proves that we do not tremble at His Word. When God speaks the people of God had better listen.

In John 15, Jesus commands His disciples to abide in His Word. Abide means to “linger” or “remain”. The longer you are in the Word the more you will tremble. Revival will never come to the untrembling. The lack of trembling shows how irreverently we treat the Holy One of Israel. The Word of God is the Voice of God. Do you tremble? Do you quake when you read the words of God? Does the beauty of the Word fill you with tears? Does the Truth of the Word pierce you deeper and deeper daily? Does the Majesty of the Word overwhelm you? If you answer in the negative, then you are not in revival. God does not demand tiptoeing around, teetering on, or the testing or trying of His Word. He demands the exaltation of Himself and the humiliation of His people. Do you tremble?

If not, I have to wonder if you and I are even reading the same Book. If you do tremble, let us tremble and bow down together under the holiness and Excellency of Him who called us by His grace. Revival has never, nor ever will, come to the untrembling. Beloved, you cannot tremble at what you have not read. A closed Bible is a closed relationship with God, because if you are out of the Word of God then you are out of the will of God.

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Thanks for the exhortation!

Allen M Rea

My pleasure brother.


May an old lady in the pew gently disagree with portions of this post?

Please know that I pray daily for six things: the acceptance in hearts that the Bible is the Word of God, concern in hearts for eternity, seeking of salvation, preaching/teaching/praying/singing salvation, repentance for sin, and focus on the new birth in Baptist churches.

I’m one of those odd ducks that usually brings visitors–some lost, some new believers, some seeking a church home. And some of you are making my job so much harder!

They may believe what I show them in the scripture about salvation, but want to hear it from you. They don’t hire a plumber to rewire their house, and need you rather than me to close the deal on trusting Christ. Do so and they will run up the aisle.

The machismo culture males in my area, and the oilfield men, do not listen to CCM. They will LEAVE if you expect them to sing about sloppy wet kisses and warm embraces. Give them the familiar old gospel songs that they seem to have absorbed from the culture. And for heaven’s sakes, shorten the song service! They complain and won’t be back if they must stand so long it is worse than factory work, or sit and stare at a sea of butts.

Keep the sermon short, to the point, and simply understandable. They won’t be back if you drone on and on about the third week of Daniel, the significance of sending out 70 instead of 24, or other finer points of theology. Teach us that outside the main service.

And understand that we may have borrowed children to return on times, job shifts to get to, health reasons that preclude long sitting, or simply diabetes forcing us to give in to our appetites and eat on time. Know that if a lot in your congregation are clock watching you are preaching too long, or are boring them, or both.

Keep things short, keep things moving, and keep the main thing the main thing. If you don’t know how, I recommend contacting Bro. Joe over at BCNM. I once had the privilege years ago of seeing him do these simple things and seeing a major revival break out in the community.

It happens. And please, don’t blame us sheep when you as shepherd are not effective. We are trying to bring the world to Christ. Please don’t make our job HARDER!

Thank you for considering this, and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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