Dear President Obama

May 19, 2015

Robin Foster | Pastor
Second Baptist Church, Russellville, AR

Dear Mr. President:

I heard your comments concerning the church ( and our focus on moral issues such as abortion or marriage and the need to drop our efforts in those points for the issue of poverty. I would like to respond by discussing the particular church I serve and our efforts concerning poverty.

First, our church offers groceries on a regular basis to those who are struggling. We also participate with the local Help Network that offers various avenues of aid ranging from food to bill assistance. Every year during Thanksgiving and Christmas we offer many families festive dinners along with gifts so that they can enjoy the holiday season. We have worked with an organization in the past that seeks to get homeless people into proper housing. We have paid electric bills and given people temporary housing.

We have cooperated in the past with our Baptist association as we have offered job training with the Women’s and Men’s Job Training Corp. We have sent our church members to places like Mexico, Wichita, and other areas of our nation, and the world, to offer food and sandwiches to many who are less fortunate. We have participated in remodeling a house in Wichita, KS that now houses men who are working on their addictions. During the summer we help families with daytime lunches once a week to children who may not have a lunch to enjoy because school is out.

There are many other individuals in our church family that have done many acts of love toward those who are less fortunate that only those involved and God knows about. This is just some of the efforts of our church in Russellville, AR. I have not even mentioned what all the other churches in our area do to help those who are less fortunate including aid and training. Poverty is a major issue for these local churches as we cooperate with each other to love others and to show them Jesus.

Mr. President, I don’t say these things to brag, (really I don’t) but only to inform you that we do spend an enormous amount of effort and focus on poverty. The reason we do this is because that is what Jesus would want us to do. And we keep those things quiet because again, we don’t want to seem like we are bragging. But, Jesus would also want us to tell the world about God’s wonderful plan for marriage that is reserved for one man and one woman in a lifetime commitment. Jesus would also want us to speak up for those lives who are most vulnerable to being put to death in abortion.

Ultimately these acts of love and defense of biblical teachings are secondary to our mission of making disciples by proclaiming the good news that Jesus has died for the sins of the world. Because of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, we love others as we would want to be loved if we were in their situation. Even though one may suffer poverty in this world they can, in the next, enjoy endless riches that are found in our Lord and Savior by trusting in His forgiveness of sins.

I hope this clarifies the good we do to help people in poverty. I won’t go on and talk about how Southern Baptists are the third largest relief agency in the world when natural disasters hit because that would take up even more room. I do pray for you Mr. President and hope you will seek God’s will for this great nation He has blessed.

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doug sayers

Well said Pastor. I appreciate your gracious restraint. Some of us (myself included) might have been a bit more sharp tongued.

An abortion is the ultimate civil rights violation and oppression of the helpless. It is the Church that is most often left with the triage and post trauma care for those injured by the “sexual revolution.” Abortion and homosexuality are certainly forgivable but the damage can be severe and costly.

One wonders how much money, illness, and heartache it will take before we end the war on virtue and common sense?

    Robin Foster

    Thanks Doug. I appreciate your kind words.

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