C.B. Scott and Associational Missions

August 11, 2008

In this episode of SBC Perspective, C.B. Scott joins us in the spotlight to talk about associational missions and his volunteer work for the North American Mission Board’s Associational Initiatives Team. In our news roundup, we discuss the turmoil surrounding Criswell College, recent Lambeth Conference in the Anglican Church, and other issues of interest.

We’re grateful to Peter Lumpkins for filling in on very short notice for Scott Gordon, who had an unexpected hospital visit to make. We appreciate the feedback we received on the first episode of Perspective, and hope you enjoy this one. If you know of a pastor or other leader in the SBC who should be in our spotlight, please let us know.

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Another home run. I’m not sure the boy from Alabama deserves an encore, but the smooth-talking guy east of him who filled in for Scott is a keeper! Get him back!

With that, I am…


Scott Gordon

Good Work, Brothers!…except that slick-talking non-Calvinist!

Seriously, Peter, thanks for jumping in for me at the last possible minute!

I must say that I appreciated CB’s words on the needed correction in the working of our Associations. I was part of one association in Oklahoma in which the DOM prided himself in being a ‘pastor to the pastors’…the one of whom I had visit our church two times in the three years I was there…the final one being my last Sunday before we moved.

I also appreciated CB’s sentiment–echoed by Robin, Wes, and certainly by all my brothers on the program–regarding doctrinal accountability and fidelity among the churches in our associations. With the association from which I came and the one in which I now find myself, we have great difficulties cooperating when churches are aligned along various SBC, CBF, MBC, BGCM, and “Mainstream Baptist” lines. Certainly we will have some theological diversity in our Baptist churches…yet not to such extremes as wanting all the pastors in our association to ‘quit worrying about pastoring our churches and come together to pastor our city’…or whose ‘fellowship’ brings in speakers who deny the deity of Christ, His atoning work on the cross, and the veracity of Scripture.

We need our Southern Baptist associations. We need our Southern Baptist state conventions. We need our Southern Baptist Convention…because we truly can do more together than we could do on our own!


Chris Johnson


Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge concerning associations and how they can be beneficial as folks find reasons to join together for the gospel.


Mike Day

Great explanation of the “resource” model for an association and how it compares to the better known and more often practiced “ministry” model in associations. Also appreciate the good explanation of the pastor interview process. Perhaps one day you would come to our association to help us conduct those interviews. Blessings!

cb scott


Thank you for your kind words.

I am humbled by your comment. All who are knowledgeable consider you as the “pathfinder” of associational ministries of this generation. I am certainly one who considers you as such.

I, on the other hand, am simply a team “waterboy” and would be of no value to you other than to carry your water, but I would certainly like to learn from you more of what you have already learned.

Therefore, maybe at a time in the future the Lord will grant me an opportunity to hear you teach again on the topic of associational ministries.


Bob Cleveland

I’ll have to come back and listen to this.

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