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1. Will the GCR Live To Turn Fifteen?

March 31, 2016

Dr. Rick Patrick | Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sylacauga, AL

In 2010, the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force sealed its proceedings for fifteen years—basically the life span of a long range plan—thereby preventing Southern Baptists from viewing the documents that informed the report’s creation. Citing concerns over discreet personnel matters, the materials were classified until 2025. That was six years ago. Continue reading

A Pastor’s Child’s Thought Process

March 29, 2016

by Rebekah Faith Rogers

**This article was taken from The Odyssey Online and used by permission

Has anyone ever told the pastor kid they should know something that they don’t even know the answer to? Have you ever scolded the child for something their parents should have handled? Have you ever thought they should be perfect little angels when they are acting like little devils? If you have, then you probably are thinking of the stereotypes that have been put on pastors children for all of time. When I was growing up, I was always looked at like I needed to be perfect and know the church answer every time a question was asked. When I was younger, I remember my dad having to tell me that if a member of the church got on to me and disciplined me that I had to tell him because I was not their child; it was not their right to discipline me like I was. Continue reading

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