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Gaines and Graham Urge Gracious Reconciliation Moore Admits "Failures" and Offers Sincere Apology for "Broad, Unnecessarily Harsh" Words

March 22, 2017

Dr. Rick Patrick, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sylacauga, AL
Executive Director, Connect 316

After Russell Moore offered a crystal clear apology in Baptist Press this week, Southern Baptist statesmen Steve Gaines and Jack Graham are urging gracious reconciliation. Because I have great respect for these men, I wish to honor their request with a more conciliatory posture than I have demonstrated in the past. Listen to the words of Gaines and Graham as they call us to move forward and put this ugly brouhaha behind us:

Regarding his work at the ERLC, I have agreed with most of his statements, especially those regarding the sanctity of human life, the sacredness of heterosexual, monogamous marriage and religious liberty,” Gaines said. “However, I have disagreed with some of the statements he made during the election and I especially disagreed with the tone with which he made some of those statements. I have discussed all of this privately with him. He has genuinely apologized for his mistakes and that is good enough for me. I believe all of us who are recipients of grace and forgiveness should grant him the same forgiveness that we desire from the Lord. It is high time that we put all of this behind us. None of these matters will prevent Bellevue Baptist Church from continuing our support of the Cooperative Program, the ERLC and Dr. Moore. It is time to move ahead and work together to double our efforts to take the Gospel to our nation and the nations. —Dr. Steve Gaines

This is a gracious and unifying statement from Dr. Moore. —Dr. Jack Graham

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The Father’s Eyes

March 17, 2017

By: Walker Moore
Awestar Ministries

Last week was Cohen the Goodhearted’s first birthday. Today’s parenting styles are so much different than when my wife and I were raising our children.  When our boys had their first birthdays, we just sat them in a highchair, gave them a cupcake, sang “Happy Birthday,” and that was the end of it. But today’s parents think of each child’s first birthday as a national holiday. Banners are spread, the community is invited, clowns are hired, inflatable cities are erected, and if it were possible, a team of Clydesdale horses and the Queen of England would also make their appearance. I really believe these moms and dads start planning their child’s first birthday in the hospital when contractions are about a minute apart. Continue reading

How Russell Moore Assisted the LGBTQ Agenda

March 16, 2017

  Rev. Thomas Littleton
  Evangelist Reaching New York City
  During the Height of the AIDS Crisis

An Open Letter to Dr. Russell Moore

I write this letter to you, Dr. Moore, at a time when your reputation within the SBC has taken a turn. Being aware that many voices are joining the public discourse, I wanted to hit pause in the critique and appeal to you directly and openly. I am a minister in evangelism which places me on the front lines of culture and with the people you and others often refer to as postmoderns, nones, and millennials. These designations are persons in evangelism we have always referred to with deep affection as the lost.

The one constant in your tone and talking points has been that we have lost this generation and did so in part because we engaged the culture war. According to you, we have lost that as well. In your efforts to repair the breech, restore the tarnished image of the SBC and obtain much needed credibility for the ERLC in the public square, you have lost something yourself. Lest I weary you and go beyond my area of experience, calling, and expertise, let me focus on how you have engaged one of the most needy people groups in the current cultural theater, the LGBTQ.

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