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The Forgotten Value of Time with Our Children

May 8, 2017

By Evan Lenow, Associate Professor of Ethics, Director of the Center for Biblical Stewardship,
and Director of the Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Theologically Matters and is used by permission.

Last week, I took my 10-year-old daughter to a baseball game. It was just the two of us. Our other three children were home with my wife. For nearly four hours, we spent time together in the car and at the stadium. My phone mostly stayed in my pocket (except for taking and posting a few photos), and we talked. Continue reading

The New NAMB: Part 6 Is It Working? The President

April 28, 2017
Dr. Will McRaney
Founder, The Church
Strengthening Network

A sacred trust exists between the President of NAMB and Southern Baptists. One man is entrusted with enormous power, prestige, and resources to shape individual lives and direct the mission of the SBC in North America. Southern Baptists sacrificially invest themselves and their resources, for the sake of an eternal purpose, to the tune of $120 million every year. The President of NAMB makes decisions that impact staffers and thousands of planters and evangelists all across North America.   The President is responsible to live honorably before God and man, to steward the financial resources, to steward both the staff and the missionaries who represent SBC efforts in Alpharetta across the land, and to set the direction and priorities for Southern Baptists in reaching North America. 

This essay is the sixth and final installment of a series entitled “The New NAMB: Is it Working?” It is offered as a rebuttal to the report by Dr. Kevin Ezell to the messengers of the SBC Annual meeting in June 2016, entitled, “It is working.” I have sought to ask and answer several “better” questions than the weaker ones NAMB has been asking. This article will address the question: Have NAMB leaders reflected Christ in their attitudes and actions with others as they steward the trust placed in them by SBC churches and members?

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The New NAMB: Part 5 Is It Working? Financial Stewardship

April 27, 2017
Dr. Will McRaney
Founder, The Church
Strengthening Network

Southern Baptists invest and entrust $375 million annually to national and international causes, both through Cooperative Program channels and directly through our two primary mission offerings, the Lottie Moon Offering for international missions and the Annie Armstrong Offering for North American missions. Since NAMB leaders alone steward over $400 million in assets and a $120 million annual budget, the office of the President of NAMB carries enormous trust and should possess the utmost integrity.

It stands to reason that an examination of the stewarding of the staggering financial resources entrusted to NAMB would not only be acceptable, but would be welcomed. Most assuredly, the generous gifts are resourcing missionaries and helping to advance the gospel. Yet, a closer look is merited just as in a family budget, as a matter of accountability to determine if the resources are helping to accomplish the objectives and values of Southern Baptist givers. These givers, many of them on a fixed income in our 30,000 bedrock churches of 200 or less, have every expectation that those in charge of setting direction and providing oversight are using their resources wisely. These same bedrock churches give 41% of all CP dollars.

I am not suggesting personal or corporate misuse of resources for personal financial gain. However, the facts reveal that SBC resources have been parlayed and misused to secure favors for Dr. Ezell and organizational compliance or silence for NAMB. The facts reveal that Dr. Ezell used SBC entrusted financial resources to threaten a state convention staff, mission and their Executive Director. The facts reveal that NAMB has reprioritized funds to church planting at the expense of national and state evangelism staff while baptisms are declining at alarming rates.

This essay is the fifth part of a series entitled The New NAMB—Is It Working? Throughout this series, we are exposing the questions being asked by NAMB as weaker questions than the better questions we are asking. Today’s “better question” is this one: Have the financial and human resources entrusted to NAMB been wisely and appropriately stewarded?

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